Australian Matriculation Programme (AUSMAT), Sunway University, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

The Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) is an internationally recognised pre-university programme. The Curriculum Council of Western Australia, on behalf of the Government of Western Australia, oversees the quality implementation of the curriculum.

The Australian Matriculation is the Year 12 curriculum of Western Australia. It is internationally accepted for its high standards and quality of the curriculum. It prepares students to sit for the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), which allows students to gain admissions into all Australian universities and a range of other universities throughout the world, including those in New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, Singapore and private universities in Malaysia.

In offering the Australian Matriculation in Malaysia, Sunway University works with the Curriculum Council to build the required academic foundation for students vying admission into universities with competitive entry requirements throughout Australia and the world. AUSMAT focuses on holistic development in individuals and promotes the value of feedback through continuous assessments. It balances internal and external examinations to best position students for admission into all disciplines of study at the university level.

Key Benefits

Established Australian qualification with global recognition

When you successfully complete the AUSMAT programme, measured through the scores you achieve via the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), you can gain admission into universities across all states of Australia and New Zealand, or other countries if you wish. The broad learning pedagogies prepare you well for university level studies and research, and allow you to branch out to many disciplines and specialisations. The credibility, standard and successful transition of students into university studies are some of the reasons why sponsors and scholarship bodies, both public and private, choose this pre-university programme.

Score-counting advantages

The AUSMAT score-counting advantage allows students to optimise their marks through calculating the score of the Best-4 subjects, to determine the Tertiary Entrance Aggregate (TEA) which is required for university entrance. This sets the WACE apart from some other Australian Year 12 programmes, where calculations are based on Best – 5 subjects.

Assurance of quality & track record

The Curriculum Council adopts highly rigorous quality assurance practices. External examinations are conducted, supervised and assessed by examiners from the Curriculum Council. Quality is also maintained through measures on students’ transition to university studies, and yearly moderation exercises and academic staff development programmes.

Today, Sunway University is the largest and longest provider of the AUSMAT programme in Malaysia. We prepare the largest Year 12 population for this internationally recognised pre-university qualification, when compared with all other Western Australian schools.

Since its inception in 1988, students and lecturers in the AUSMAT programme at Sunway University have continually received awards from the Curriculum Council for achieving top grades in examinations that span across cohorts within and outside of Australia. The annual examiners’ reports by the Curriculum Council of Western Australia have repeatedly highlighted the excellent standards in teaching and assessments (95%-100% confidence) practised at Sunway University. This assurance of quality and academic excellence will augur well with your decision to make application to universities in the Group-of-Eight (Go8) in Australia.

Pastoral care

Noted for its unique pastoral component, the AUSMAT programme pays particular attention to the development of wholesome individuals. It addresses your individual learning needs and personal growth and prepares you for studies and life at university. Your lecturers will challenge you to take multiple approaches to problem solving and critical thinking, and through these means, they nurture your cognitive development. Parents, guardians and sponsors can be assured that you will be kept informed through regular forums and meetings on students’ academic performance and progress.

January & March

10 months / 8 months

Entry requirements
Minimum five (5) credits in SPM, O-Level or equivalent, including English. Conditional offers will be made to students with forecast results

The AUSMAT programme is delivered over two semesters.

First week of November

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