Bachelor of Arts (BA) Anthropology and Sociology, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

The study of anthropology and sociology basically entails an in-depth study of human cultures and societies, their history and what’s currently going on, by comparing cultures and society to one another.

Students of this programme will delve further into the depth and width of cultures and societies of the world by analyzing and understanding the social structures, institutions and values that make us who we are.

Career Opportunities

  • Diplomatic and Public Administration
  • Various private and corporate sectors
  • Human Resource Management
  • Educator
  • Research Assistant

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Psychology 1
  • Introduction to Psychology 2
  • Introduction to Anthropology and Sociology
  • Social Studies: Malaysia
  • Research Methodology
  • Sociological Methods: Quantitative Analysis
  • Theories of Anthropology and Sociology
  • The Political System and Organization
  • The Sociology of Economics
  • Urban Sociology
  • Human Resource Development
  • Child Psychology
  • The Social Development and Changes
  • The Sociology of Communication
  • The Nature Ethnography
  • Work Psychology
  • Adolescents and the Psychosocial Problems
  • Media and Politics
  • Globalization, Society and Culture
  • Culture, Power and Inequality
  • Religion and Beliefs
  • The Anthropology of Adat
  • Marriage, Family and Kinship
  • Ethnicity, Race and Religion
  • Industry and Human Resources Management 1
  • Sociology of Rural Development
  • Cultural Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Anthropological and Sociological Theory
  • Sociology of Migration
  • Psychology of Adults and Aged
  • Social Psychology
  • Natives – Minority and Social Changes
  • Cross-Cultural Ethnography
  • Industry and Human Resources Management 2
  • Motivation and Organizational Leadership
  • Personality and Adjustment
  • Comparative Religion
  • Elite, Leadership and Society
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Academic Writing

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