Bachelor of Arts (BA) Chinese Studies, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

China has undoubtedly one of the most multifaceted cultures, history and politics in the world. Its civilisation spans thousands of years and encompasses triumphs that stand witness until today.

This programme introduces students to the various aspects of the Chinese community – its language, rich culture, writing, literature and the history of China. The programme offers an expansive view into Chinese Studies by emphasising two main areas, the language and literature as well as the socio-culture.

Career Opportunities

  • Author
  • Cultural Guide
  • Cultural Historian
  • Editor
  • Educator
  • Journalist
  • Market Researcher
  • Researcher
  • Social Rights Advocate

Course Modules

  • Language and Writing Mixed Chinese
  • Modern Chinese Grammar
  • Introduction to Classical Chinese Studies
  • Classical Chinese Literature
  • Ancient Writing and Cynography
  • Modern Chinese Literature
  • Chinese Society Studies
  • History of China in the Early Ages until 200bc
  • Tionghua Culture and Society in South East Asia
  • Chinese Linguistics
  • Traditional Chinese Fiction
  • Classical Chinese Literature Text
  • Classical Chinese Poetry Critics
  • Chinese Religion
  • Chinese Thoughts in Arts Studies
  • Mahua Literature
  • Classical Chinese Drama
  • Chinese Philosophy
  • Analysis of Chinese Texts
  • Translation: Theory and Practical
  • Culture of Chinese Entrepreneurs
  • Phonetics and Phonology of the Chinese Language
  • Tang Dynasty, Reign of the 5 Dynasties and Song Dynasty
  • History of China from The 7th Century to the 13th Century
  • Current Issues
  • Islam in China

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