Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics), Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

The Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) is a four year programme. The programme has been developed in response to the requirements of the electrical and electronic engineering profession that uses science, technology, and problem-solving skills to plan, design, develop, and maintain electrical and electronic systems and services. The demand for Electrical and Electronic Engineers has grown in parallel with the economic growth of the country. UPM concentrates in producing engineers with strong electrical and electronic engineering foundations to specialise either in Microelectronic Engineering, Power Engineering or Control Engineering.

The Objectives and Outcomes of this program ensure that Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) is relevant for the years to come.

The programme is fully accredited by the Public Service Department and Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC), Malaysia. As part of the accreditation exercise, the programme goes through a periodical review of every 5 years by EAC to ensure the continual suitability and relevance to the need of the nation and industry. Renowned professors from overseas are appointed as external examiners and assessors to ensure the programme meet the international standards. Academic links are maintained with other academic institutions local and abroad, with the aim of exchanging information and experience related to teaching, research and other related activities. Close links are also maintained with industries through industrial training and by collaborative research. This co-operation ensures that teaching staff and students are well aware of current developments in the industry.

The Faculty is also certified by ISO 9001:2008 for all operations including matters pertaining to teaching and learning processes. Outcome Based Education (OBE) has also been adopted as the main approach of teaching and learning at the department.

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Curriculum

The B.E. (Electrical and Electronics) degree provides a distinctive broad based approach to electrical and electronics courses with the aim of producing high quality graduates for the advanced new technology of the future.

With this in mind, the programme structure places considerable emphasis on teaching fundamental courses in mathematics, computer, electrical circuit theories, electronic material and devices, and analog and digital circuits, instrumentation and electromagnetism. Intermediate courses are introduced in the second and third years of study such as microprocessor and microcontroller technology, signal processing, communications and digital systems design. In the third year students are given an opportunity to choose the field of interest either in electronic or electrical engineering. Specialized courses are offered in the fourth year of studies where students will opt for the module of their interest in microelectronics, control or power engineering.

During the break at the end of the third academic year, students are required to undergo 10- week industrial training. Besides this, each student is required to do a project preferably related to his/her specialization. A total of 135 credit hours are required for graduation. The recommended duration of the programme is 4 years (8 semesters).

Fields of Study:

  • Microelectronic Engineering
  • Power Engineering
  • Control Engineering

Career Opportunities

Electrical and Electronic engineers have vast career prospects either in the government agencies or private sectors. The development of electronic design and manufacturing industries in Malaysia and South East Asia region is one obvious route, but there are many others. Electrical and Electronic Engineers are employed in many different fields such as (but not limited to) transportations, telecommunications, electricity supply, manufacturing, chemical, food and petroleum industries.

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