Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics (Japanese), University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

This programme is a major in Japanese. Upon graduation, candidates will be conferred with Bachelor of Language and Linguistics degree.

As the world’s second most powerful economy and one of the world’s most technologically advanced societies, Japan is an important market to explore in trade and technology transfer. However, Japan has enjoyed a cultural boom in recent decades thanks mostly to the global acceptance and appreciation of its rich cultural heritage and artforms.

The Japanese language, with all its delicate intricacies remains a difficult language to fully master, spoken or written. The Bachelor of Language and Linguistics (Japanese) programme takes students on a 3-year journey through this rich and subtle language. At the end of their study, candidates will be conferred the degree Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics.

Career Opportunities

  • Journalist
  • Language Teacher
  • Liaison Officer
  • Press Officer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Translator

Course Modules

Core Subjects:

  • Ethnic Relationships
  • Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization (TITAS) (Paper I)
  • Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization (TITAS) (Paper II)
  • Information Skills
  • Thinking and Communication Skills
  • Introductory Linguistics
  • Introductory Semiotics
  • Academic Writing
  • Introductory History of Linguistics
  • The World’s Major Languages
  • Language and Meaning
  • Inter-cultural Communication
  • Language Skills I, II, III, IV, V&VI
  • Language and Literature I&II
  • Language Phonetics and Phonology
  • Language Morphology
  • Language Syntax
  • Language and Civilization I&II
  • Language for Special Purposes
  • Language Discourse and Text
  • Evolution of Language
  • Two-way Translation I&II
  • Geographical Influence on Language Variation

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