Bachelor of Science (BSc) Genetics and Molecular Biology, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

The honours degree in Genetics, the first in Malaysia, was formally introduced in 1966. This well-established programme offers various courses pertaining to the fast advancing field of genetics, covering topics ranging from fundamental genetics to the latest techniques employed in molecular biology, genetic engineering and biotechnology. As students progress in the programme, they will acquire an extensive and practical knowledge of genome analysis, applications of recombinant DNA technology and biotechnology. Students will also be exposed to current ethical, legal and social issues and concerns on the utilisation of genetic information and technology. The programme also offers a wide range of opportunities for postgraduate training by research in various labs in the fields of plant biotechnology, genomics, gene regulation studies and medical biotechnology.

All academic members in this programme are active researchers and have links to other institutions worldwide. These include Research collaboration with University of Leicester, University of Manchester, John Innes Center UK, RIKEN JAPAN, National Institute of Infectious Diseases Japan, The International Banana Crop Improvement Consortium, University of California LA and many more.

This programme is a major in Genetics and Molecular Biology. Upon graduation, candidates will be conferred with Bachelor of Science degree.

Career Opportunities

  • Jobs related to the life sciences
  • Postgraduate level (MSc or PhD) studies
  • Executive or management positions in industry
  • Careers in research

Course Modules

Core Subjects:

  • Professional Morals and Ethics
  • Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization (TITAS) (Paper I)
  • Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization (TITAS) (Paper II)
  • Information Skills
  • Thinking and Communication Skills
  • The Origin and Fundamentals of Science
  • Science, Culture and Religion
  • Science and Current Society
  • Biostatistics / Statistics
  • Life Processes
  • Cell Biology
  • Biology of Organisms
  • Population Biology
  • Biology Practical
  • Genome Organisation and Sitogenetic
  • Microbial Genetics
  • Genetic Population and Qualitative
  • Basic genetics
  • Molecular Genetics
  • DNA Recombinant Technology
  • Advanced Genetics
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Applied DNA Recombinant Technology
  • Immunology
  • Plant Breeding
  • Animal Breeding
  • Evolutionary Genetics
  • The Genetic Resources and Conservation
  • Plant Molecular Biology
  • Human Genetics
  • Human Sitogenetic
  • Developmental Genetics
  • Advanced Immunology
  • Topics in Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Industrial Training in Genetics and Molecular Biology

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