BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management, Sunway University, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Get your BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management from Sunway University. The hospitality, tourism and events management programmes at the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management, Sunway University offer a wide range of management and specialist subjects to equip students with the expertise they need to manage a successful international hospitality, tourism and events business. This unique combination of functional, academic content and industry based approach allows students to meet the needs of the largely diverse service industry.

The diploma programmes offered by the School are validated by Le Cordon Bleu, the worldwide leader in gastronomy, hospitality and management. Upon completion of the programmes, students will receive two scrolls, one from Sunway University and one from Le Cordon Bleu.

The uniqueness of the programmes is that students are able to earn an international reputable qualification provided by an established Malaysian institution of higher learning which has high relevance to the Malaysia and international job market. In addition, course consultants from our collaborative partners work closely with Sunway University to ensure that the standards and quality of teaching are equivalent to those maintained at the partner institutions.

Programme Details

This programme trains you to:

  • Have excellent technical and managerial skills for the hospitality industry.
  • Be able to effectively operate and innovate a hospitality business locally or internationally.
  • Raise the level of quality and service of this industry.

You will be an industry professional:

  • who can apply business and management practices in the international hospitality industry.
  • with good communication skills who can work independently or in a team.
  • with in-depth knowledge of the industry to execute studies and evaluate influence that impact international hospitality business.

Programme Structure

Year 1

  • ACC 1014 Principles of Accounting
  • ECN 1014 Introductory Economics
  • FDB 1014 Food and Beverage Operations
  • FDB 1024 Food Production Operations
  • FDB 1034 Beverage Studies
  • HSP 1014 Introduction to the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • HSP 1024 Hotel Accommodation Operations
  • MGT 1014 Principles and Practice of Management
  • MKT 1014 Principles of Marketing
  • UCS 1000 Study Skills
  • UCS 1002 English for the Tourism Service Industry

Year 2

  • BUS 2014 Entrepreneurship
  • FDB 2014 Food and Beverage Management
  • HSP 2014 Hotel Accommodation Management
  • HSP 2024 Hospitality Operations Management
  • IFS 2014 Management Information Systems
  • INT 2016 Internship
  • LAW 2024 Business Law
  • MGT 2014 Revenue and Profit Management
  • MKT 2024 Marketing Management for Tourism and Hospitality
  • RSM 2014 Research Methods for Tourism and Hospitality
  • STA 2014 Business Statistics
  • UCS 2001 Communication Skills

Year 3

  • MGT 3014 Managing People in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • MGT 3024 Quality Management
  • MGT 3034 Strategic Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • PRJ 3036 Research Project
  • UCS 3001 Leadership


University Compulsory Subjects

UCS 1000 Study Skills
The objective of this subject is to prepare students to be more organised and self-reliant in their learning by developing a set of specific skills necessary for successful study. For example, listening and reading skills, effective note taking, efficient time management, independent research and maximising knowledge acquisition and critical thinking ability through collaborative learning (or learning through the exchange of ideas).

UCS 1002 English for the Tourism Service Industry
This subject focuses on three aspects in the learning of English for the tourism service industry. The first aspect is to help students improve their reading strategies for processing academic texts. Second, the subject develops the following areas of academic language use, namely, listening to lectures and making notes, writing essays and papers, and participating in seminars and small-group discussions. Third, the subject familiarises students with the case study method.

UCS 2001 Communication Skills
The subject introduces the basic elements of oral communication, the various factors that determine effective communication and the application of communication skills in a variety of academic, business and social contexts. A variety of communication activities in presentation and discussion formats are incorporated to allow for understanding, practice and the mastering of basic concepts in communicating.

UCS 3001 Leadership
The focus is on the role of leadership in the context of corporate management and strategy. The theories of leadership, the characteristics and role of leadership, conflict management, change management and cross-cultural issues (e.g. the cultural values that affect perceptions of leadership and leadership styles) will be discussed.

Common Core Subjects: Management Related

BHB 1101 Management Information Systems
With the widespread use of information technology and computers, computing is increasingly shaping the way businesses operate and decisions are made today. Information systems are essential to many areas of management, such as supply chain management, production systems and distribution, the latest being electronic commerce. This subject introduces students to information systems and its applications in today’s businesses.

BHB 1102 Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism
This subject explores market orientation and is customer-focused within the context of the hospitality and tourism industry. The factors driving change in today’s business environment are evaluated from both a corporate and customer perspective. The components of the marketing mix are considered in response to changing customer needs using practical examples from the hospitality and tourism industry.

BHB 1103 Principles of Accounting
This subject introduces students to the basic concepts underlying the recording of business transactions and the preparation and presentation of external financial reports. It provides students with the knowledge of analytical techniques that can be applied to measure corporate performance. Current developments that have an impact on corporate financial reporting will also be examined.

Furthermore, this subject explores the use of accounting information in the management and control of a business enterprise. This includes an examination of issues regarding cost classification, inventory valuation, budgeting and performance evaluation. Techniques used in making both short-term as well as long-term strategic business decisions are examined. Students will be given an overview of the corporate financial reporting and governance framework in Malaysia. Ethical issues arising out of creative accounting practices will also be examined.

BHB 1104 Principles and Practice of Management
This subject focuses on management theories and their application in a business organisation. Students will be able to apply their understanding of management theories to given problems in the organisation and provide appropriate responses.

BHB 2214 Integrated Marketing Communications
In the face of sophisticated and cluttered market conditions, firms want to be heard. They attempt to speak with clear voices about the natures of their operations and the benefits associated with the firm’s goods and services. It is vital that what should be communicated is reaching customers in a consistent and coherent manner. This subject will explore the diverse tools of marketing communications such as advertising, public relations, sponsorship, sales promotion and direct marketing, individually as well as how they can best be used together to deliver new customers, new revenue and new loyalty.

BHB 3101 Service Quality Management
Economies have evolved from agricultural to manufacturing to services. Quality management has shifted from the traditional management paradigm of an organisation selling physical products to one selling services, where the quality of the service product is determined by the experience of the customer. The objective of this subject is to enable students to understand the role of quality in the context of service management, to gain knowledge in the different theories governing quality and to relate these theories to practices in the service industry.

BHB 3401 E-Commerce
This subject aims to provide greater scope of learning in the e-commerce world. Students will be given an understanding of its width and depth on what makes a true e-commerce environment. By understanding the availability of resources and the usage of such resources to build recommended models, a company might stand a good stead in the digital world.

BMB 1203 Introductory Economics
This subject is structured to provide students with the grounding principles of micro- and macro-economics and important applications of both micro- and macro-economics to the business environment. In microeconomics, students will learn the relevance of consumer behaviour, producer output decisions, and the theory of the firm with different market structures and efficiencies. In macro-economics, the students will learn the relevance of issues such as unemployment, inflation, growth, international trade and globalisation and the effect of monetary and fiscal and exchange rate policies on the domestic economy.

BMB 1205 Business Statistics
This subject aims to provide students with an understanding and ability to apply statistical techniques in the analysis of business assessments for good decision-making. Major emphasis is on probability theory and sampling techniques, statistical inferences, regression analysis, the use of statistical software (SPSS), and the interpretation and use from resulting computer output.

BMB 2201 Business Law
The objective of this subject is to enable students to understand the development of the English legal system and its inception into Malaysian law, to be knowledgeable about developments of the Common Law and its application into statutory provisions, and at the same time, to be familiar with the Law of Contract and its implementation in the context of Malaysian business.

BMB 2203 Entrepreneurship
This subject covers the basic knowledge required to start a business while, at the same time, encourages entrepreneurship. The subject provides directions in which students can acquire skills to become entrepreneurial by learning – from other entrepreneurs; how to generate ideas and develop them; how to finance ventures; how to run a small business; how to prepare business and marketing plans to package and sell their ideas; and how to manage challenges and risks faced by entrepreneurs.

Core Subjects: Hospitality Related

BHB 1201 Introduction to Hospitality Industry and Management
This subject is a comprehensive tour of the fascinating and challenging fields of the hospitality industry such as lodging, food service, meetings, conventions and expositions. It focuses on what hospitality managers actually do and the most important challenges facing industry leaders today and tomorrow. The role of service in the industry is emphasised.

BHB 1202 Personal Skills and Development
This subject aims to make students realise their full potential in life and in the workplace. Topics covered range from personal to professional development such as the importance of strong positive attitudes, interpersonal relationships and customer service as well as social and business etiquette and personal grooming.

BHB 1203 Food Production Operations
This subject provides students with knowledge and skills in all aspects of food production. The students will be exposed to different kitchen organisations and structures; various types of kitchen equipment and utensils; different types of food commodities and methods of cooking. In addition, safety and hygiene in the workplace and working effectively as a member of a brigade in the kitchen will also be discussed.

BHB 1204 Food and Beverage Operations
The subject provides students with knowledge and skills in all aspects of food and beverage operations. The students will be exposed to the different types of restaurants, restaurant operational structures and management concepts; different types of restaurant operating equipment and utensils; and types of restaurant set-ups, services and procedures. In addition, selling techniques, guest relations and working relations with team members will also be emphasised in this course.

BHB 1205 Hotel Accommodation Operations
The subject provides students with knowledge in all aspects of the Rooms Division operations. They will be given an insight into the functions of Rooms Division operations and the control and smooth operation of the Front Office and Housekeeping department. Major topics covered in this course include safety and security in the Rooms Division, different cleaning methods, procedure and equipment, laundry and linen service, and service procedures involved in the guest cycle.

BHB 2202 Managing People in the Service Industry
All managers will have to deal with human resource related matters and issues. Therefore, this module is aimed to provide students with a strong foundation in human resource concepts, theories, research and techniques. Students will be able to apply theories, concepts and practices learnt from case studies and different situations in the context of the service industry and evaluate the different approaches taken to managing people in the service industry.

BHB 2203 Revenue and Profit Management
Revenue and profit management is the process of making decisions in maximising revenue and ensuring costs are controlled to ensure optimal profits. It also establishes operation systems that manages yield. This course aims to provide students with knowledge in managing revenue and profit in the context of the service industry, to gain knowledge in different theories in revenue and profit management and to relate theories to practices in the service industry.

BHB 2204 Hospitality Operations Management
The subject will give a complete overview of the hospitality organisation from the development and design of a hotel, management of the hotel, the different areas within the operations of a hotel, important health, safety and security elements, and the operation systems and procedures. The course will also go beyond the scope of the hotel and look at the future trend of the hospitality industry.

BHB 2205 Hotel Accommodations Management
This subject will give an overview to the students in managing the Rooms Division operations. Students will look at several studies and comparisons of operation management methods used to improve the performance of the room side of the hotel business. There is a strong focus on methods to optimise the revenue earned from hotel accommodation services in a variety of market conditions. Furthermore, manpower planning, budget and inventory will also be discussed for cost control purpose.

BHB 2206 Restaurant Operations Management I
This subject is aimed at the development of knowledge and understanding that is indispensable for the management of a food and beverage establishment. Students will be exposed to various operational procedures in different food service operations available in the market and learn how they are differentiated through visits and field trips.

BHB 2207 Restaurant Operations Management II
This subject is a follow-on of Restaurant Operations Management I and is intended for the further development of skills and management that would be required in the daily operations of a food service establishment. The objectives of this subject include the skills of effective management and the ability to apply theoretical understanding into a practical session through organisation and execution of an actual event. A self-reflective portfolio of achievement is to be submitted at the end of the event.

BHB 3101 Research Methods for the Service Industry
This course introduces students to research methods in business management, particularly for the service industry. It also consists of a series of activities providing practice and experience in the use of a range of research methods, with special reference to research design, data generation, data analysis and reporting of findings.

BHB 3102 Research Project
This course provides students with exposure to the real business environment, particularly in the service industry, where their knowledge and skills learnt in Research Methods are used to identify, define and analyse problems related to a specific area of research. Students will conduct research within the context of hospitality and tourism. Findings of the research are to be presented.

BHB 3201 Supervised Work Experience
The Supervised Work Experience (SWE) provides students with the opportunity to apply and link knowledge learnt in the classroom to the real business world as well as to prepare them for advanced modules. It will also give them the opportunity to enhance their operative / technical skills whilst learning and developing their interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. An internship report of 5,000-6,000 words is to be submitted to their supervisor for assessment.

BHB 3202 Issues in International Hospitality Management
The globalisation of the hospitality industry has accelerated under the pressures of advances in technology, communication, deregulation, elimination of political barriers, socio-cultural changes and global economic development, as well as growing competition in a global economy. Therefore, the objective of this course is to enable students to identify, analyse and critically evaluate the issues and perspectives of the international hospitality industry today.

BHB 3203 Strategic Analysis in the International Hospitality Industry
This advanced subject aims to provide a good foundation of knowledge and understanding of the concepts and techniques of strategic analysis. It focuses upon an evaluation of hospitality business from a strategic perspective both internally, externally and within the industry in which they operate. Case studies are used as a learning medium and a variety of hospitality organisations will be assessed.

The Sunway Advantage

Experiential-based Education
We provide an integrated broad-based ‘learning by doing’ experience with a career-focused curriculum to enable our students to gain real-world experience. Our programmes equip our students with top-notch technical expertise and solid business knowledge. As such, our students are trained to think critically, communicate effectively and manage professionally.

Excellent Learning Resources
Our students benefit from the most comprehensive and advanced state-ofthe- art learning resources and support facilities. There are three well-equipped culinary labs for preparation, production and pastry; a training restaurant; a mock-up front office; a mock-up housekeeping suite; a delicatessen; and a functional travel bureau. Students are also introduced to E-learning as part of their learning environment to enhance communication and sharing of information.

Industry Links
We require all our students to undergo hands-on experiential learning in hospitality and tourism related industries known as Supervised Work Experience (SWE).

The SWE provides students with the opportunity to put their learning into practice. The students will be able to develop their technical skills in a work environment and to learn skills of a supervisory and managerial level. It also prepares them for future subjects and enhances their employability. Listed below is a brief list of countries where our students have gained valuable hands-on learning experience:

  • Events management companies in Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea.
  • International Chain Hotels in Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Maldives, Mauritius, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Sultanate of Oman, Thailand, United States of America, Vietnam.
  • International chain restaurants and fast food outlets in Malaysia.
  • Airlines, Ministry of Culture, Arts & Tourism, National Tourism Boards, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and Theme Parks.

Entry Requirements

  • STPM – Average C+ or CGPA 2.33 (Minimum 2 principals)
  • A Level – CD / DDE (Minimum 10 points)
  • Australian Matriculation – ATAR 60
  • Canadian Matriculation – 60%
  • MUFY – 220
  • Sunway Foundation in Arts – 60%
  • UEC – Maximum 24 points on 5 subjects, (excluding Chinese & non-academic subjects)

English Language Requirements

  • TOEFL – 550 paper-based, 213 computer-based, 80 internet-based
  • IELTS – 6.0
  • MUET – Band 4
  • SPM English – B3 or B+
  • UEC – English B4
  • O-Level English (119) – Credit
  • ESL / English – Satisfactory level in Pre-University programmes, where the medium of instruction is in English
  • Intensive English Programme – Pass level 4 with 65% minimum

March & August

3 years (Inclusive of 20 weeks of Internship)

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