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All research is “grounded” in data but few studies actually produce a “grounded theory”. The Classic Grounded Theory research method enables the development of a theory that offers an explanation about the main concern of the population being studied and how that concern is resolved or processed. Although many call Grounded Theory a qualitative method, it is not. Grounded Theory can be used with either qualitative or quantitative data. It is a general inductive methodology; a latent pattern indicator; and a set of research procedures leading to the emergence of conceptual categories. Grounded Theory is a systematic and rigourous approach to the generation of theory.

Classic Grounded Theory goes back to the way Grounded Theory was originally designed and practiced by Dr. Glaser. The Grounded Theory Institute ( is a non-profit organisation led by Dr. Glaser to promote and teach grounded theory for researchers and doctoral students. This seminar is held in collaboration with the Grounded Theory Institute, led by a fellow of the Grounded Theory Institute, Dr. Andy Lowe.

Programme Objectives

The one-day workshop will focus on addressing problems confronted by Grounded Theory researchers in:

Grounded Theory design & key characteristics of Grounded Theory research

  • Data collection and theoretical sampling
  • Writing memos and theoretical sensitivity

Steps in conducting Grounded Theory research

  • Method of analysis, open and selective coding
  • Classic Grounded Theory thesis/dissertation (written and verbal presentation)
  • Quantitative Grounded Theory methodology

Areas Covered

  • The Grounded Theory perspective
  • How Grounded Theory emerged and what it’s all about
  • The position of Grounded Theory method in the research design continuum
  • How to develop theoretical sensitivity and conceptual awareness
  • Memoing
  • Syndicates working on the Grounded Theory exercise
  • Analysis of published Grounded Theory research
  • Maintaining transparency through the Grounded Theory process
  • Evaluation of Grounded Theory

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