Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) programme is designed to produce graduates in veterinary science (animal production and diseases). The programme requires clinical and technical skills to diagnose, treat, prevent and investigate animal diseases. The programme has two major aspects; animal science, which equips graduates with the necessary knowledge in various livestock industries and veterinary medicine, which covers animal diseases and disease control.

Graduates become veterinarians and members of a legally defined and protected profession. They occupy posts in various government agencies as well as the booming private companies involved in animal industry, or in private practices. Graduates are also qualified to be involved in teaching and research activities related to biological sciences.


At the end of the programme, the candidate will:

  • acquire in depth and comprehensive knowledge on various aspects of healthy and sick animals.
  • acquire professional expertise and technical skills in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal diseases.
  • acquire knowledge in various aspects and activities of the animal industry and livestock management.
  • develop a sense of appreciation and positive feeling towards entrepreneurship and technological aspects of animal production.

Admission Requirements

A. General Requirements

  • Passed SPM
  • Credit in Bahasa Malaysia at SPM or its equivalent
  • Passed MOE Matriculation/UM Foundation Studies in Sciences/UTM Foundation Year with at least CGPA 2.00 (OR) Passed STPM with at least Grade C in General Paper and Grade C in two other subjects.
  • Have taken Malaysian University English Test (MUET)

B. Special Requirements of the Programme

  • Life Sciences Matriculation
    • Obtained at least CGPA 3.500; and
    • Passed at least with B+Grade in Biology at MOE Matriculation/ UM Foundation Studies in Sciences/UTM Foundation Year and credit in Chemistry at SPM level, and
    • Passed at least with B+ Grade in Chemistry at MOE Matriculation/ UM Foundation Studies in Sciences/UTM Foundation Year and credit in Biologi at SPM level.
  • Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM)
    • Passed at least with B+ Grade in Biology at STPM/A-Level and credit in Chemistry at SPM/O-Level, and
    • Passed at least with B+ Grade in Chemistry at STPM/A-Level and credit in Biology at SPM/O-Level, or
    • Passed in such practical tests prescribed in any of the subjects in 2(a) and 2(b).

C. Equivalent Qualification

  • Diploma in a suitable field from UPM or other recognized institutions.

D. Other Requirements

  • Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia
  • At least 17 years old during admission year
  • Good health record
  • Fulfill other requirements by the University

E. Non-Malaysian Candidates

  • Include recommendation from at least two (2) referees

Duration of Study

Universiti Putra Malaysia has elected to implement the semester system ever since its establishment. Every academic year is divided into the First (July) and Second (January) semesters. Each semester consists of 18 weeks of studies. All full-time students must register between 12 to 21 credits of courses for each semester. Most of the courses are evaluated by continuous assessment, including a final examination.

The duration of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine programme is 5 years or 10 semesters. Students must complete the duration of the programme. Extended period of study may be granted for the purpose of repeating any course or completion of any deferred course due to curriculum arrangement.

The minimum for graduation for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine programme is 188 credits.

Courses Lists

VPD 3930A – Management of Non-Livestock Animals (1 week)
VPD 3930B – Management of Non-Livestock Animals (2 week)
VPD 3931A – Management of Livestock Animals (1 week)
VPD 3931B – Management of Livestock Animals (2 week)
VPD 4940A – Extramural Farm Practice (3 week)
VPD 4940B – Extramural Farm Practice (5 week)
VPD 4941A – Extramural Laboratory Diagnostic Practice (4 week)
VPD 4942 – Extramural Clinical Practice
VPD 4941 – Extramural Laboratory Diagnostic (4 week)
VPD 4942 – Extramural Laboratory Practice (4 week)
VPD 4971 – Problem Solving in Disease
VPD 4999 – Final Year Project
VPD 4990 – Applied Veterinary Science

VPP 3020 – Veterinary Biochemistry
VPP 3211 – Veterinary Anatomy I
VPP 3231 – Veterinary Physiology I
VPP 3130 – Veterinary Nutrition
VPP 3212 – Veterinary Anatomy II
VPP 3232 – Veterinary Physiology II
VPP 3270 – Ethology and Animal Welfare
VPP 3140 – Veterinary Genetics
VPP 3213 – Veterinary Anatomy III
VPP 3233 – Veterinary Physiology III
VPP 3251 – Veterinary Pharmacology And Toxicology
VPP 3160 – Applied Statistics And Research Methods
VPP 3170 – Veterinary Business

VPM 3415 – Veterinary Pathology l
VPM 3300 – Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology
VPM 3351 – Veterinary Parasitology I
VPM 3416 – Veterinary Pathology II
VPM 3340 – Veterinary Virology
VPM 3361 – Infection and Immunity
VPM 3352 – Veterinary Parasitology II
VPM 3417 – Veterinary Pathology III
VPM 4430 – Veterinary Clinical Pathology
VPM 4500 – Veterinary Clinical Pathology

VPK 3910 – Introduction to the Veterinary Profession
VPK 3920 – Veterinary Ethics and Jurisprudence
VPK 3610 – Clinical Skills
VPK 3120 – General Surgery and Anaesthesiology
VPK 3750 – Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging
VPK 3611 – Clinical Medicine
VPK 3122 – Veterinary Surgery of the Body Systems
VPK 3800 – Veterinary Theriogenology
VPK 3931 – Clinical Practice and Diagnosis I
VPK 4680 – Avian Medicine
VPK 4670 – Pig Medicine
VPK 4640 – Feline and Canine Medicine
VPK 3932 – Clinical Practice and Diagnosis II
VPK 4620 – Veterinary Epidemiology
VPK 4650 – Equine Medicine
VPK 4630 – Population Medicine
VPK 4660 – Ruminant Medicine
VPK 4941 – Veterinary Practice I
VPK 4695 – Exotic Animal and Wildlife Medicine
VPK 4690 – Aquatic Animal Health
VPK 4942 – Veterinary Practice II

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