Finance for Non-Finance Managers, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya, Selangor

In today’s business world, even non-finance managers are often called upon to make quick and accurate decisions about financial issues. The higher you rise in an organisation, the more important such financial skills become.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers is designed to provide you with an understanding of financial management principles and equip you with the practical skills to develop informed and effective financial plans. You will learn critical skills in analysing financial statements and understanding in more depth about corporate finance, key financial indicators, strategic management and the financial planning process.

This workshop will enable you to contribute to discussions about the financial performance of your organisation or business unit and will give you the confidence to make decisions based on financial data.

Programme Objectives

This programme will assist non-finance managers in understanding, interpreting and using internal and external financial reports to make better business decisions.

The programme covers analysis of historical performance of financial reports and forecasting financial performance. You will be able to communicate the financial goals and performances of your departments to outside sources better. You will also be able to use financial language to communicate with others, including financial managers in your organisation.

Areas Covered

  • Understanding why accounting/finance is important
  • Differences between cash accounting vs. accrual accounting
  • Understanding financial reports
  • Evaluating company’s financial health
  • Budgeting made simple
  • Variance analysis
  • Basic investment appraisal

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