Garden International School (GIS) in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

Garden International School (GIS) is situated in a pleasant suburb of Kuantan which is very close to where most of our pupils live. It is 2 minutes drive from the international beach resort of Teluk Chempedak and 10 minutes from the city centre. It is an ideal environment for the development and nurturing of young children with plenty of opportunities to partake in local cultural activities.

The children of GIS Kuantan receive an all-round education based upon the National Curriculum of England and Wales but adapted to suit our unique environment.

Literacy and Numeracy form the core of the curriculum and Garden International School follow the National Strategies of England to deliver them. Science, Information Technology, History, Geography, Art, Physical Education (including dance, games and swimming), and Personal, Social and Health Education are taught through the International Primary Curriculum (or IPC). This originated from The English Foundation Subjects and encourages thematic based teaching. Garden International School also have specialist teaching in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Music.

Units of Work are supplemented with educational school trips, assemblies, an annual school production, competitions and theme weeks in order to provide the children with a high quality, balanced learning experience.

To enable children to develop their co-curricular interests and talents to the fullest, Garden International School also run a program of extra-curricular activities (ECA). In the past these have included cookery, gardening, craft, dance, Hindi, tennis, football, badminton, French and swimming among others. They are held after school for an hour on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Parents are encouraged to take a full part in school life and their qualities and expertise are a welcome extra resource for our school. This open door policy of the school means that the community atmosphere here in Kuantan is strong. Our children and parents work and play together in a safe, friendly and truly international environment.

Garden International School’s children are encouraged to reach their potential by a system of rewards and positive re-enforcement. When they leave the school, they aim for the children to be feeling happy and confident so that they may face the rest of the challenges that lie ahead of them.

Primary Education in Garden International School

The curriculum emphasises a child-centred instructional approach in the acquisition of basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills.

At present, the Primary Department of GIS accommodates children between the ages of 5 and 11 years. Children should be 5 on or before 31 August in order to enrol in Year 1.

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Garden International School Contact Details

Garden International School (Kuantan)
A6230, Jalan Tengku Muhamad,
Taman Pantai Chempedak,
25050 Kuantan,
Pahang, Malaysia.

Tel: +6(03)567 3391
Fax: +6(03)567 3391