International Certification in Cuisine, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya, Selangor

Enter a world of refined flavour and master the art of fine cuisine. Whether you’re an amateur or a savvy cook in search of excellence, Taylor’s International Certification in Cuisine will give you the skills and confidence needed to be a culinary master.

Multi award winning and experienced master chefs will guide you on hot cooking (i.e. baking, boiling, frying & roasting) techniques. They will cover the fundamental knowledge of ingredients, techniques and methods commonly used in hot cooking for appetisers and main meals.

These master chefs can turn that vision of you preparing fine cuisine in your home or soon to be launched restaurant into a reality. Creativity will flow as you customise your own menu and independently prepare a mouth watering meal from start to finish.

These are part-time courses at the end of which participants will receive a certificate that is jointly awarded by Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts and the Académie de Toulouse, France.

Basic Level – International Certification in Cuisine

Provides procedures for basic sauce, dressing different cuts and methods of cooking. Participants will learn to prepare more than 20 varieties of appetizers and main courses.

These include:

  • Crispy Indian Semolina Breaded prawns with a drizzle of balsamique vinaigrette
  • Lime Marinated Scallops tossed in Soba noodles with julienne mango
  • Pan Fried Cod bedded over warm macaroni pomelo served with creamy fish sauce
  • Lamb Kofta served with Pita bread
  • Coriander flavored Pumpkin Soup
  • Glazed duck breast with semolina and jackfruits
  • Warm Papaya Soup
  • Glazed Spring Chicken
  • Caesar Salad
  • Leek and Potato Soup
  • Seafood Quiche
  • Grilled beef tenderloin with Béarnaise Sauce, trio of vegetable and yam mashed garlic
  • Mango Risotto with Mushroom and Smoked Salmon
  • Flavored Chickuteh Wild mushroom
  • Lamb “Tajine” combination of dry and fresh fruits
  • Fish / Seafood Chowder
  • Sear Red Snapper with lemon butter sauce, puree of pumpkin and Sarawak pineapple kebab
  • Rib Eye with Port Wine, zucchini and carrots, glazed a blanc shallots
  • Chicken Lasagna
  • Julienne young Mango and Japanese Cucumber with squids kebab marinated, home-made local basil pesto
  • Braised chicken leg in white wine sauce, “a run” shallots
  • Sear Tuna Steak with Julienne Daikon and Zucchini, Violet Dressing
  • Chicken Consommé
  • Duo of Salmon with dragon fruits and braised Cabbage

Advanced Level – International Certification in Cuisine

Following good understanding and mastery of basic techniques, this course emphasizes the development skills for detailed work in dressing different cuts and methods of cooking. Participants will also focus on the art of food presentation and garnishing.

Some of our signature dishes that will be taught include:

  • Lobster served with Jasmine Green Tea Soba Noodles
  • Champagne Lobster Bisque
  • Fresh Salmon served with Caviar, Smoke Cherry Tomatoes and Lemongrass Dressing
  • Braised Marinated Salmon with All Spices and Honey and Salmon wrapped in Screwpine Leaf Young Coconut and Blood Orange Hollandaise Sauce
  • Foie Gras and Pigeon Breast with Rocket Salad and Braised Morrel Mushroom in Apple Brandy
  • Duo Method of Duck Breast (Smoke and Sear) with Passion Gastrique Sauce
  • Beef Carpaccio with Homemade Pomelo Arugula Salad
  • Wagyu Beef served with Smoke Cherry Tomato, Red Wine Sauce, Braised Beef Cheek, Jasmine Risotto and Fennel
  • Flavored Smoke Salmon with Coriander Leaf, Coriander Pesto and Asian Fruit Salsa
  • Marinated Butter fish with Asian Flavored Paste, Creamy Coconut White Wine Sauce and Japanese Cherry Tomatoes
  • Lamb Saddle with Port Wine Shallot, sautéed Honshimeji Mushroom and Dry Tomatoes
  • Seared Lamb Loin with Pistachio Coconut Crust, Brinjal with Smoke garlic and Truffle oil
  • Braised Monkfish with Sake, Daikon Pickles and Wasabi Lime Dressing, and Biji Selasih with Mango Coriander
  • Monkfish with African White Wine sauce

Course Delivery

  • Classes are conducted every Saturday from 10am – 2pm for eight consecutive weeks.
  • Course fee includes recipes, ingredients and basic tools

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate awarded by Taylor’s University, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts and the Academie de Toulouse, France. This programme is claimable from Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).

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