UiTM Mukah, Sarawak (Universiti Teknologi MARA)

UiTM Mukah is one of the campus of Universiti Teknologi MARA. UiTM is the only university in Malaysia that has a campus in every state of the country. These campuses provide excellent opportunities for bumiputeras all over the country to pursue higher education and attain higher economic and social well being.

About UiTM Mukah

Mukah was declared the 10th Division in Sarawak on March 1st, 2002. Following the declaration, the division has developed tremendously. The development has also shown a continuous and an impressive progress in line with the announcement of Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) by the Chief Minister of Sarawak. With the establishment of the SCORE project, a lot of jobs opportunities are targeted for residents of Mukah Division in particular, and the people of Sarawak in general.

To meet the professional manpower needs, UiTM Sarawak Mukah Campus has started operations since December 2002. The first academic programme introduced at UiTM Sarawak Mukah was Pre-Diploma (Commerce). In the early stages, UiTM has rented three units of shop houses to accommodate student dormitories, office rooms, lecture rooms and a library. A total of 62 students attended the first session in UiTM Campus Mukah.

UiTM Mukah, Sarawak (Universiti Teknologi MARA)Beginning of October 1, 2007, 14 shop houses were rented by UiTM Sarawak Mukah campus at the Boulevard Street, in order to accommodate the increasing number of students and additional of two prominent diploma programmes, which are Diploma in Business Studies and Diploma in Planting Industry Management for the session of July-November 2008. However, starting in 2012, the Diploma in Planting Industry Management was transferred to Samarahan Campus for a while, due to the constraints of the existing area to accommodate the growing number of students.

Until now, the programs offered here are Pre-Diploma in Business Studies, Diploma in Business Management and Pre-Diploma in Business trade MDAB, launched by the Vice-Chancellor, Dato’ Sri Prof Dr Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar on 9 April 2011. Presently, UiTM Sarawak Mukah campus could accommodate as many as 250 students upon waiting the completion of the permanent campus was developed and is expected to be completed in October 2015. The permanent campus can accommodate up to 2000 students. Among the programs offered are as Faculty of Applied Science, Faculty of Plantation, & Agrotechnology and Faculty of Business Management. The ceremony of UiTM Mukah’s groundbreaking was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud on April 9, 2011.

Programmes at UiTM Mukah

Undergraduate Programmes

Pre-Diploma & Diploma (UiTM Sarawak Kampus Mukah):

  • Diploma in Business Studies
  • Pre Diploma (Commerce)

UiTM Mukah (Universiti Teknologi MARA) Contact Details

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Mukah
PO BOX 162,
Jalan Boulevard Setiaraja Mukah
96400 Mukah,
Sarawak, MALAYSIA.

Tel: +6084 874102 / +6084 874103
Fax: +6084 874104

Email: mukah@sarawak.uitm.edu.my