1Malaysia Pengguna Bijak (1MPB) Portal To Compare Consumer Products Retail Prices in Malaysia

1Malaysia Pengguna Bijak (1MPB) Portal is an interactive and informative consumerism portal that benefited consumer in getting a guidance on consumerism. The portal is also an alternative channel for consumers to discuss on consumerism issues through interactive forms such as forum, blog, web chat and chatting with YB Minister of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives and Consumerism.

Consumers may also update themselves with current price of 100 consumer items throughout the country through Pricewatch module. Pricewatch module helps consumers to plan their spending wisely through price comparison and know the nearest premises that offer fair price.

1MPB Portal also provides the following SMS services to the consumers:

  • 1MPB Portal Member Registration
  • Price Check
  • Price Subscription
  • Complaint
  • Tribunal Claim

The 1MPB Portal will hopefully be able to provide consumers with information and enable sharing of knowledge. This will certainly benefits all consumers in Malaysia. Be a smart consumer!

You can also chat with the Minister directly during his online sessions!

Frequently Asked Questions on 1Malaysia Pengguna Bijak (1MPB) Portal

1. What is the purpose of 1 Malaysia Pengguna Bijak (1MPB) Portal?

  • Provides consumers with alternative channel for information on consumerism.
  • Provides interactive platform for consumers to discuss on consumerism issues through blogs, web chat feedback/comments etc.
  • Provide latest price information that cover hypermarkets, supermarkets, wet markets and convenient stores throughout the country.

2. What are products and services provided by the 1MPB Portal?

  • Price comparison (pricewatch)
  • Blog/ forum/ web chat
  • Registered users/ Rakan Pengguna
  • SMS applications – price checks, complaints through SMS, Tribunal through SMS
  • Information on consumerism/ consumer tips

3. How to register as member?

  • You can register as a member through the 1MPB Portal or SMS

4. What are the benefits to registered member?

  • Registered members enjoy the following benefits;
  • Merit points every time users log into the Portal
  • Subscribe to regular price check through SMS services
  • Able to create and keep basket information of priced items
  • Allowed to create blog/ forum

5. What are the SMS services available and their format?

  • Price check
  • Complaints
  • Tribunal
  • Price check subscriptions

Check the website below:

1Malaysia Pengguna Bijak (1MPB) Portal