– Malaysia’s Low Cost Courier Service, Airport to Airport

AirAsia Courier is a low-cost courier service provided by AirAsia, the world’s leading low-cost airline. AirAsia Courier has more than 65 destinations and 122 routes throughout Asia. AirAsia provides Airport To Airport, a service which delivers your package from the airport of origin to the destination airport. AirAsia Courier benefits from AirAsia’s extensive route network and No Fuel Surcharge Policy to offer reliable and convenient courier service at affordable prices. With rates which are up to 50% lower than other courier providers, AirAsia Courier guarantees more value and savings for your courier needs.

With AirAsia Courier you can:

  • Purchase online
  • Drop off your consignment at any of our conveniently located Sales Centres/ Drop Off Points
  • Send packages from airport to airport
  • Enjoy convenient pick up service
  • Track your consignment online using Google Maps
  • Get your consignment delivered within 2-3 business days