Approval for Foreign Maid of Expatriate Officer – Immigration Facilities For Dependants Of Expatriate – Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia

Approval for Foreign Maid of Expatriate Officer

Approval is given to expatriate who intends to bring in foreign maid regardless of nationality and age of the maid.

Application Procedures

Application can be submitted before or after Expatriate entry into Malaysia.

Supporting documents for application

  • Covering letter from Expatriate Employer
  • DP11A Form
  • Personal Bond (RM10.00 Stamped)
  • Relevant photocopies of passport pages showing recent entry of PRA into Malaysia
  • Passed medical examination from any clinic registered with FOMEMA
  • Employment Contract (duly Stamped)
  • Approval from the Philippine Oversea Employment Administration (POEA) for Filipino maid only.

Fees Charged

  • Passes RM60.00 per year or part thereof
  • Processing fee – RM10.00
  • Journey Performed Visa Fee – RM500.00 ( if relevant)
  • Visa fee – according to the individual countries
  • Levy – RM360.00