Boating In Taiping Lake Gardens, Perak (Pusat Rekreasi Dayung, Taman Tasik Taiping)

Taiping Lake Gardens is one of the oldest lake gardens in Malaysia. It is very popular among visitors due to it’s scenic beauty, some even call it as the most beautiful lake gardens in Malaysia. Taiping Lake Gardens was originally an abandoned tin mining area which was converted into a beautiful and peaceful recreational area by the British.

One of the most popular activity at the Taiping Lake Gardens is boating. There is a boat house (Pusat Rekreasi Dayung) where boating services are provided. The boat house has a restaurant for visitors to dine-in and also souvenirs counter.

There are a few types of boat services that you can take at Pusat Rekreasi Dayung: Ferry, Swan boat, Sampan, Couple boat.

Ferry can accommodate around 10 person. It will take you one trip around in the lake gardens. It costs RM4 for adults and RM3 for children.

Swan boat is a 2-seater pedal boat. It costs RM10 for 2 adults for a 30-minutes duration ride. You can also include a child for an additional of RM2.

Sampan can accommodate up to 4 person. You need to use oars to steer the sampan. It costs RM10 for 2 person and for each additional person it is extra RM4. This is a 60-minutes ride.

Couple boat is the smallest boat meant for just 2 person to sit closely. You need to use oars to steer the couple boat. It costs RM10 for 2 person. This is a 60-minutes ride.

It is compulsory to wear life-jackets which will be provided at the boat house.

Pusat Rekreasi Dayung boat house provides daily boating service from 10:00am-7:00pm.

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