CIMB Islamic Bank Max InvestSave – Investment Program/Account

Invest your money in CIMB Islamic Max InvestSave investment program.

Get the best of both worlds with Max InvestSave. A savings-cum-investment account that offers you potentially higher returns than traditional deposits. Max InvestSave also delivers the ultimate in flexibility – you can start with any amount (minimum RM50) and top it up anytime you want.

Features and Benefits

  • Deposit any amount, any time (minimum of RM50).
  • Withdraw any amount, any time at the market price. No penalty will be charged upon early withdrawal.
  • Redeem in part or in full (minimum 0.01 units).
  • Choose from tenures of 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.
  • 100% principal protection if held till maturity.
  • Covered by the Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation for up to RM60,000.
  • Max InvestSave is based on Restricted Mudharabah concept with profit sharing ratio of 95% (Depositor) : 5% (Bank).
  • For CIMB Prime Plan customer, enjoy 0.1 Bonus Point for every RM1 investment. Please click here for more information on CIMB Prime Plan.

How to Apply?

Call us at 1300 880 900 or +603 22956100

Email us at


*This page contains information sourced on 29 Dec 2010. Please check with the bank for the latest updates.

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