CIMB Islamic Greater China Equity, CIMB Islamic Bank – Islamic Unit Trust Investment Program/Account

Invest your money in CIMB Islamic Greater China Equity, CIMB Islamic Bank Islamic Unit Trust investment program.

Aims to provide investors with medium to long term capital appreciation by capitalizing on investments ideas in Shariah-compliant equities in the Greater China region.

This fund is suitable if you:

  • Want a Shariah-compliant investment
  • Wish to participate in the upside potential of the Greater China markets
  • Are willing to accept equity risks to garner potentially greater returns over the medium to long term investment horizon

Terms & Conditions Apply

Fund Details

  • Fund Type : Equity (Shariah) / Growth
  • Investment Manager : CIMB-Principal Islamic Asset Management Sdn Bhd
  • Trustee : HSBC (Malaysia) Trustee Berhad
  • Benchmark : Dow Jones Islamic Market China/Hong Kong Titans Index
  • Launch Date : 02 June 2009
  • Initial Offer Price (NAV per unit): RM 0.25
  • Approved Fund Size (RM) : 600 million units
  • Investment Time Horizon : Medium to long term horizon
  • Minimum Initial Investment : RM1,000 or such other amount as the Manager may from time to time decide
  • Minimum Additional Investment : RM200 or such other amount as the Manager or the Approved Distributor may from time to time decide
  • Distribution Policy : Given its investment objective, the Fund is not expected to pay any distribution
  • Cooling-off Period : Six (6) Business Days from the date the application form is received and accepted by the Manager or Approved Distributor for the first time
  • EPF Approved : No


  • Initial Service Charge : Up to 6.5% of the NAV per unit
  • Annual Management Fee : Up to 1.85% per annum of the Net Asset Value of the Fund
  • Annual Trustee Fee : 0.08% per annum (including local custodian fee but excluding foreign sub-custodian fee) on the Net Asset Value of the Fund, subject to a minimum of RM18,000 per annum. The foreign sub-custodian fee is dependent on the country invested and is charged monthly in arrears
  • Repurchase / Redemption Fee : Up to 1.0% of the NAV per unit
  • Switching Fee : Since switching is treated as a withdrawal from one fund and an investment into another fund, you will be charged a Switching Fee equal to the difference (if any) between the Application Fees of these two funds. Switching Fee will not be charged if the fund to be switched into has lower Application Fee

How to Apply?

Call us at 1300 880 900 or +603 22956100

Email us at


*This page contains information sourced on 30 Dec 2010. Please check with the bank for the latest updates.

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