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‘Keeping clean a routine for us’ (The Star, 15 March 2020)
Two more patients make full recovery (The Star, 15 March 2020)
Government hospitals cutting down on visiting hours (The Star, 15 March 2020)
Public health comes first, says Hua Zong (The Star, 15 March 2020)
Covid-19: 1,000 housemen lend a hand (The Star, 15 March 2020)
Covid-19 outbreak takes it toll on global sport (The Star, 15 March 2020)
We’ll ride out the Covid storm, says bowler Adrian (The Star, 15 March 2020)
Second-string shuttlers feeling Covid-19 heat, too (The Star, 15 March 2020)
Understanding screening and testing criteria for Covid-19 (The Star, 15 March 2020)
Holiday responsibly and safely (The Star, 15 March 2020)
Reflecting on resolutions (The Star, 15 March 2020)
Sufficient supply of essential goods in Sabah (The Star, 15 March 2020)
No quorum at Bar AGM (The Star, 15 March 2020)
Committee: Be mindful of Covid-19 while observing Qing Ming (The Star, 15 March 2020)
Churchgoers can attend mass online (The Star, 15 March 2020)
Swiss banks mull US$21b loan for small businesses (The Star, 14 March 2020)
Virus may be more damaging than financial crisis, Singapore’s PM says (The Star, 14 March 2020)
Covid-19: Two-year-old girl from Brunei infected from relative who attended KL mosque event (The Star, 14 March 2020)
No M’sian students in US with Covid-19, says embassy (The Star, 14 March 2020)
Covid-19: PJ cops advise against gatherings (The Star, 14 March 2020)
Kaamatan, Unduk Ngadau cancelled due to Covid-19 (The Star, 14 March 2020)
Another six Covid-19 cases recover, discharged from hospital (The Star, 14 March 2020)
Sibu MMA proposes drastic measures to curb spread of Covid-19 in S’wak (The Star, 14 March 2020)
Race against time for contact trackers fighting virus (The Star, 14 March 2020)
Covid-19: Participants of Labuan religious forum urged to get themselves tested (The Star, 14 March 2020)
Covid-19: Cops urge those with info on tabligh to contact Health Ministry (The Star, 14 March 2020)
SESB to disinfect three times daily (The Star, 14 March 2020)
Minister: Too early to make decision on haj (The Star, 14 March 2020)
Sports events in the country fall to deadly virus (The Star, 14 March 2020)
Bursa records steepest fall since 2008 (The Star, 14 March 2020)
Covid-19: 39 new cases reported on March 13; bringing total to 197 (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Suspected Covid-19 patient who fled clinic returns, now being treated at Sungai Buloh Hospital (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Hackers posing as CDC, WHO using coronavirus in phishing attacks (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Niantic cancels Community Day events over Covid-19 concerns (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Permaisuri Johor: Be united in fight against Covid-19 (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Covid-19: The King urges all mosques to shorten Friday sermons (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Sabah comes up with steps to curb spread of Covid-19 (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Covid-19 restrictions seen boosting Disney’s Europe streaming debut (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Covid-19: 14,500 Malaysians attended Sri Petaling mosque programme, not 5,000 (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Six UMS staff linked to Seri Petaling Mosque on home quarantine (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Pandemic exposes ‘digital divide’ as schools, workplaces close (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Samsung Malaysia offers free phone sanitising service to all (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Should Malaysians inform online delivery services if they are under Covid-19 quarantine at home? (The Star, 13 March 2020)
eSports: Dota 2, League Of Legends, Overwatch events among cancellations, reschedulings (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Didi offers US$10mil relief fund to help overseas drivers cope with the effects of Covid-19 pandemic (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Hackers hiding malware in bogus map of Covid-19 spread, says cybersecurity firm (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Judges’ conference in Langkawi postponed over Covid-19, says source (Updated) (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Housebound Italian kids strain network with Fortnite marathon (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Online classes, video meetings: Can Covid-19 spur low-carbon habits? (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Discarded masks clutter HK’s beaches, trails (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Gov: Scrapping cherry blossom like taking hugs away from Italians (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Chinese experts head to Italy (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Hospital flooded with requests for ‘Covid-19-free certificate’ (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Philippine civil service paralysed (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Thailand makes U-turn on visa cancellations (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Promoting cloth face masks amid shortage (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Metro Manila placed under quarantine (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Drastic measures needed in Covid-19 pandemic (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Slow recovery expected as Penang reels from Covid-19 blow (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Parents: Reduce school outdoor activity (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Students at some US varsity campuses told to move out, Malaysians affected (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Catholic Church suspends Sunday mass in peninsula (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Friday prayers to proceed with minor adjustments (The Star, 13 March 2020)
Organisers postpone public events and concerts (The Star, 13 March 2020)
‘Postpone mass gatherings’ (The Star, 13 March 2020)

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