Dalat International School in Penang, Malaysia

Dalat International School provides “Education for Life” to children in preschool to grade 12. Located in Penang, Malaysia, Dalat is a leader in international education, with more than 420 students from 25 nations.

The school offers a caring learning environment and an American, college-preparatory, Christian-integrated education. Dalat’s excellent academic and boarding programs are well-known around the world and fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Dalat International School seeks to teach children in areas that go beyond books and academics. Education for Life is the pursuit of training the next generation to be people of good character, integrity and care for others that will prepare them to make a positive impact on the world in any area they choose to work and live in.


Dalat School was founded in 1929 as a private Christian boarding school to provide a North American elementary and high school education for children of C&MA missionaries in Indo-China. Because of war conditions in 1965, the school moved from its original location in Dalat, Vietnam, to a temporary location in Bangkok, Thailand.

Eight months later, the school relocated to the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia where it remained for six years. In June 1971, Dalat moved to its present location in Penang, Malaysia where it became established as Dalat International School in 2002.


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Dalat International School
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