Federal Territory of Labuan

State : Wilayah Persekutuan
Made into Federal Territory : 16 April 1984
Total area : 92 km² (35.5 sq mi)
Population : 85,000 (2007 estimate)

Administered by : Perbadanan Labuan (Labuan Corporation)
Chairman : Datuk Yusuf Hj Mahal

National calling code : 087
National postal code : 87xxx
Vehicle license plate prefix : L
Website : http://www.pl.gov.my/

Flag of Labuan

Labuan has had its own flag since 1990. For eight years prior to this, Labuan used the Malaysian flag. The Labuan flag consists of three alternating stripes of red, white and blue, the colours signifying Labuan as a Malaysian Federal Territory. The red also denotes courage, the white purity and the blue unity. The crescent moon is the symbol of Islam and the 14-pointed star represents the states of Malaysia.

Seal of Labuan

Seal of Perbadanan Labuan (Labuan Corporation) which governs the Federal Territory of Labuan.

Administrative Districts and Municipal Councils
These are the districts and it’s municipal councils in Labuan:

  • Labuan
    • Perbadanan Labuan (Labuan Corporation)

Towns and Villages
These are the towns and villages in Labuan:

  • Bandar Labuan (Victoria)
  • Batu Manikar
  • Bebuloh
  • Layang-Layangan
  • Rancha-Rancha
  • Kiamsam
  • Patau-Patau

These are the islands in Labuan:

  • Pulau Burung
  • Pulau Daat
  • Pulau Kuraman
  • Pulau Papan
  • Pulau Rusukan Kecil
  • Pulau Rusukan Besar