How to Apply for MyKid for Children Aged Under 12?

Learn how to apply for MyKid in Malaysia. MyKid is the identity card or identification document with a chip issued to a child under the age of 12. Its features are similar to MyKad except that it does not contain photograph and thumbprint.

‘My’ denotes ‘Malaysia’ and ‘Kid’ is the Malay abbreviation for ‘personal identity card’. The identification number on MyKid will be used in all matters from birth to end of life.

The MyKid chip contains three main applications:

  • NRD application (birth data)
  • Health information
  • Education information

Benefits Of MyKid

How to Apply for MyKid for Children Aged Under 12These are the benefits of MyKid:

  • Reduces use of paper forms when dealing with government or private agencies
  • Used in transactions with departments or agencies such as hospitals or clinics for medical examination, schooling, etc
  • Portable due to its small size
  • Contains security features to prevent abuse
  • Uses chip technology where information can be read on the card or in the chip. The information in the chip can also be updated easily.
  • Attractive design

MyKid Application

MyKid can be applied by every Malaysian child under the age of 12.

How to Apply for MyKid – Application Procedure

For registration of new birth, MyKid will be processed during the application for registration of birth.
For applications to replace lost/damaged cards, the applicant must fill in Form JPN.MYKID01.

Supporting Documents for MyKid Application

The following documents are needed for MyKid application:

  • Malaysian birth certificate/Form W (original)
  • Identification document of the applicant (mother or father)

Payment for MyKid

There is no charge for MyKid application.

Where to apply for MyKid?

Check the link below for NRD (JPN) branch details and operation hours.

National Registration Department Branches