How to Apply to Search in Register in Sabah?

Learn how to apply to search in register in Sabah. An application for search is to obtain the result from the register of births on payment of the prescribed fee. The informant must be the mother/father/guardian of the child. The application can be made in Peninsular Malaysia, which will be forwarded to Sabah for the approval of the Regional Registrar.

Application Procedure

The applicant must complete Form N1 (Extract) and attach supporting documents.

Supporting Documents

  • How to Apply to Search In Register in SabahPersonal identification document or a valid travel document (for a non-citizen)
  • Official letter from the department to apply for search in the register (for applications made by a government department)
  • Any document or information that can be used as the basis for a search in the register of births such as extract of school register and birth certificates of siblings (for the search on birth)


Free of charge

Where to apply to search in register in Sabah?

Check the link below for NRD (JPN) branch details and contact details.

National Registration Department Branches