How to Enter Caveat or Objection Against Marriage Application?

Learn how to enter caveat or objection against marriage application. Application by any person entering a caveat (objection) against a marriage application are to be done at the National Registration Department (NRD) or Malaysian Representative Offices abroad.

Application Requirements

  • The applicant must be present at the NRD counter where the application of marriage is being displayed.
  • A caveat can be entered only against a marriage application that has not been issued a certificate for marriage by the marriage registrar.
  • Applicants should understand that a caveat cannot be made arbitrarily without strong evidence and reasonable grounds in accordance with the provisions of the law which states:

Section 20(7), Act 164:
“If the High Court declares the grounds of objections to be frivolous and such as ought not to prevent the issue of the certificate for marriage the person entering the caveat shall be liable for the costs of all proceedings relating thereto and for damages to be recovered by suit or action by the party against whose marriage such caveat was entered.”

Required Documents

  • How to Enter Caveat or Objection Against Marriage Application?Form JPN.KC04 that is completed.
  • MyKad.
  • ORIGINAL passport and photocopy of pages of personal details and latest arrival date in Malaysia for non-citizen.
  • Other supporting documents as evidence of objection (if applicable).


RM20.00 for application fee.

Where to Enter Caveat or Objection Against Marriage Application?

Check the link below for NRD (JPN) branch details and contact details.

National Registration Department Branches