How to Renew Malaysia International Passport – Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia

Applicant must follow procedures below to renew his/her Malaysia International Passport. The new passport will be issued to passport renewal application.

Balance of the passport validity not more than 6 months can be carried forward with the following conditions:

  • 2 unused available pages
  • Not a lost/damaged case
  • Not cases under investigation

Applicant is Under 18 years

Applicant is Above 18 years

  • Identification Card (MyKad)
  • If the applicant is not in possession of MyKad, Temporary Identification Certificate (JPN.KPPK 09 or 11) AND Birth certificate is required.
  • Current Malaysia International Passport
  • 2 copies of recent photograph with light blue background (3.5 X 5 cm)