Kelantan Darul Naim

State capital : Kota Bharu
Royal capital : Kota Bharu
Total area : 14,922 km²
State population : 2,100,000 (2007 estimate)
Population density : 93.8/km²

Ruling party : Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Pact)
Sultan : Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku Al-Sultan Ismail Petra ibni Almarhum Al-Sultan Yahya Petra
Menteri Besar : Nik Aziz Nik Mat

State motto : Berserah kepada Tuhan Kerajaan Kelantan

State Anthem (Malay) :
Lanjutkan usia al-Sultan kami
Sultan Kelantan Raja ikrami
Aman sentosa Tuhan sirami
Kekal memerintah kami
Kasih dan taat setia disembahkan
Keriangan diucapkan
Segala kebesaran Allah cucurkan
Bertambah kemuliaan

National calling code : 09
National postal code : 15xxx to 18xxx
Vehicle license plate prefix : D
Website :

State emblems
State animal : Antelope

Flag of Kelantan

The state flag features a white crest against a red background. The color red symbolizes the loyalty of the Kelantanese people and white represents the sanctity of the Ruler.

Coat of arms of Kelantan

The crown stands for the sovereignty of the Sultan. The two spears and two keris signify the power of the Kelantan Malays. The star and crescent signify Islam. The two cannons signify that the State is ever ready to defend itself. The two deers serve as reminders of the period in the State’s history when Che’ Wan Kembang (or Che’ Siti), queen of Kelantan (roughly at the end of the 14th century), ordered the State’s gold coinage to be stamped with the design of these deers for which she held such a deep affection. The State motto reads: “In God, the Government of Kelantan Submit.”

Administrative Districts and Municipal Councils
These are the 12 districts/territories(Jajahan in Malay) and it’s municipal councils in Kelantan:

  • Dabong
    • Majlis Daerah Dabong (Majlis Daerah Kuala Krai Selatan)
  • Kota Bharu
    • Majlis Perbandaran Kota Bharu
  • Pasir Mas
    • Majlis Daerah Pasir Mas
  • Tumpat
    • Majlis Daerah Tumpat
  • Pasir Puteh
    • Majlis Daerah Pasir Puteh
  • Bachok
    • Majlis Daerah Bachok
  • Ketereh
    • Majlis Daerah Ketereh
  • Kuala Krai
    • Majlis Daerah Kuala Krai
  • Machang
    • Majlis Daerah Machang
  • Tanah Merah
    • Majlis Daerah Tanah Merah
  • Jeli
    • Majlis Daerah Jeli
  • Gua Musang
    • Majlis Daerah Gua Musang

These are the towns in Kelantan:

  • Bachok
  • Bukit Bunga
  • Dabong
  • Gua Musang
  • Jeli
  • Kota Bharu (capital)
  • Kuala Krai
  • Kubang Kerian
  • Machang
  • Pasir Mas
  • Pasir Puteh
  • Pengkalan Chepa
  • Pengkalan Kubur
  • Pengkalan Pasir
  • Perupok
  • Rantau Panjang
  • Tanah Merah
  • Tumpat
  • Wakaf Bharu
  • Wakaf Che Yeh