KTM Komuter – Fare Table Adult Single Journey (Jadual Tambang Dewasa Sehala)

KTM Komuter is the first electrified commuter train service in Malaysia. It was introduced in 1995 to cater especially to commuters in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding sub-urban areas and is a popular mode of transport to commute to Kuala Lumpur.

KTM Komuter covers about 217km length of network that has 51 stations. It consists of two lines, as well as the shuttle service from Rawang to Tanjung Malim. Transfers between the two lines can be done at KL Sentral and Putra, while cross-platform transfers can be conveniently done in Kuala Lumpur. Passengers continuing their journey on the Rawang-Tanjung Malim service is require to board the train at Rawang station.

KTM Komuter’s tickets can be purchased at the ticketing counters or by using the self-service Ticket Vending Machine, which are available at all stations and halts.

Below is the Fare Table for Adult Single Journey (Jadual Tambang Dewasa Sehala)
(click on the image to see enlarged fare table)

Source: http://www.ktmkomuter.com.my/tickets/faretable.php

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