KTM Komuter | Popular Urban Electric Commuter Train Service

KTM Komuter is an electrified commuter train service operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad. It was first introduced in 1995 to cater especially to commuters in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding suburban areas and is a popular mode of transport for commuters working in Kuala Lumpur. KTM Komuter is a fast and efficient public transport. It is a popular mode of transportation for commuters working in Kuala Lumpur, as they can travel to the city without the hassle of traffic congestion.

Passengers of the KTM Komuter can rest in the comfort of the air-conditioned coaches while being taken to their destinations at very reasonable fares. For those who drive to the stations/halts, ‘Park & Ride’ facility is provided. Parking rate is at a nominal charge.

KTM Komuter tickets can be purchased at the counters or by using the self-service ticket vending machines, which are available at all stations and halts.

For a faster, easier and more relaxing way of travelling to or from the city, KTM Komuter is your best choice of transportation.

KTM Komuter Network

KTM Komuter’s network has 57 stations and covers more than 280km of railway. The KTM Komuter route map is comprised of two main lines which are the Seremban Line (Batu Caves to Tampin/Pulau Sebang) and the Port Klang Line (Tanjung Malim to Port Klang). These two lines provide a comprehensive coverage on areas in the Klang Valley. While having a significantly lesser coverage during its early years, the KTM Komuter route map has expanded to facilitate the rapid growth and development in the Klang Valley.

While both lines serve primarily different regions in the Klang Valley, there are four major interchange stations available so that passengers are able to gain extensive access to all locations. These are the Putra, Bank Negara, Kuala Lumpur and KL Sentral Stations. One notable fact is that the KL Sentral Station is the primary transportation hub where passengers can gain easy access to other public transport lines.

KTM Komuter has made shopping complexes and recreational centers more accessible. The Mid Valley station, which opened in 2004 next to the Mid Valley Megamall, has proven particularly popular. Other shopping centres located near KTM Komuter stations are Subang Parade, Empire Shopping Gallery (near Subang Jaya station) and The MINES (Serdang station). Passengers bound for the Kuala Lumpur International Airport have the option of taking the KTM Komuter to Nilai Komuter halt and board a bus from there to the KLIA.

KTM Komuter tickets can be purchased at counters or by using Ticket Vending Machines which are available at all stations and halts.

KTM Komuter Station Architecture

During the construction of the Komuter service, much of the existing lines were retained, with minor alterations (i.e. removal or abandonment of lines and replacement of wooden sleepers with concrete ones). Relevant station platforms were required to be added and heightened to allow easier access to Komuter trains travelling on both directions.

Major pre-independence stations including Kuala Lumpur station, Klang station, Port Klang station and Seremban station were retained and upgraded to support Komuter services. Smaller, wood-based stations and halts along the line that were built at around the same time as the aforementioned stations were either demolished and replaced by modern brick-and-concrete counterparts, or simply abandoned. The only exception to the rule is the old Sentul station, which has remained in service years since KTM Komuter’s launch, albeit with a replacement platform.

The layouts and sizes of the new station buildings, as of the launch of the service in 1995, vary by location but are generally divided into two classes:

  • Railway halts, consisting of a small single-storey structure with only ticket counters (a ticket booth, ticket machines and fare gates). The stations are usually placed along straightforward dual-lane lines.
  • Medium-sized and single-storey stations, housing both the ticket counters and station offices, and typically stationed along three or more lines. Such stations are typically intended to support additional responsibilities, such as managing railway signals, controlling railroad switches and handling goods services. The stations themselves are similar in design as the original wood-based stations along the line with slight hints of Western colonial designs (arches, wooden-and-glass windows and wooden doors), but are larger and modernized.

The platforms of the 1995 stations are virtually standardized, down to the design of the passenger semicircle-crossed shelters, the use of similarly-styled pedestrian crossings to link all platforms, and even the diamonds-based brickwork of the platforms.

Depending on the amount of patrons through the years, each station has undergone upgrades or expansions that either consist of increasing the number of ticket counters or opening new facilities for use by passengers or railway personnel. Taller, wider canopies had also been erected on the platforms of most stations to replace narrower, original versions in 2006 and 2007. The pace of the upgrades varies by location.

During the 2000s, new stations such as the Mid Valley station opt for more modern designs, consisting primarily of high, curved canopies above the entire platforms. Certain new stations along dual-lane lines are also included with facilities typically reserved for medium-sized stations, such as the Rasa station. The Kuala Lumpur Sentral station, however, is housed under the concrete base of the transport hub, and is considerably stark and utilitarian in design.

KTM Komuter Route Map

The following picture shows the KTM Komuter route map. Click on it to see the enlarged version of the picture.

KTM Komuter Route Map
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KTM Komuter Train Timetable Schedule

Below are the train schedules for:

Tanjung Malim <> Pelabuhan Klang

KTM stations in this route:

KTM Station Tanjung Malim <> KTM Station Kuala Kubu Baru <> KTM Station Rasa <> KTM Station Batang Kali <> KTM Station Serendah <> KTM Station Rawang <> KTM Station Kuang <> KTM Station Sungai Buloh <> KTM Station Kepong Sentral <> KTM Station Kepong <> KTM Station Segambut <> KTM Station Sentul <> KTM Station Putra <> KTM Station Bank Negara <> KTM Station Kuala Lumpur <> KTM Station KL Sentral <> KTM Station Abdullah Hukum <> KTM Station Angkasapuri <> KTM Station Pantai Dalam <> KTM Station Petaling <> KTM Station Jalan Templer <> KTM Station Kg Dato Harun <> KTM Station Seri Setia <> KTM Station Setia Jaya <> KTM Station Subang Jaya <> KTM Station Batu Tiga <> KTM Station Shah Alam <> KTM Station Padang Jawa <> KTM Station Bukit Badak <> KTM Station Klang <> KTM Station Telok Pulai <> KTM Station Telok Gadong <> KTM Station Kg Raja Uda <> KTM Station Jalan Kastam <> KTM Station Pelabuhan Klang

KTM Komuter Timetable & Time Schedule In Malaysia – KTMB – TANJUNG MALIM – PELABUHAN KLANG

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Batu Caves <> Pulau Sebang

KTM stations in this route:

KTM Station Batu Caves <> KTM Station Taman Wahyu <> KTM Station Kampung Batu <> KTM Station Batu Kentonmen <> KTM Station Sentul <> KTM Station Putra <> KTM Station Bank Negara <> KTM Station Kuala Lumpur <> KTM Station KL Sentral <> KTM Station Midvalley <> KTM Station Seputeh <> KTM Station Salak Selatan <> KTM Station Bandar Tasik Selatan <> KTM Station Serdang <> KTM Station Kajang <> KTM Station UKM <> KTM Station Bangi <> KTM Station Batang Benar <> KTM Station Nilai <> KTM Station Labu <> KTM Station Tiroi <> KTM Station Seremban <> KTM Station Senawang <> KTM Station Sungai Gadut <> KTM Station Rembau <> KTM Station Pulau Sebang

KTM Komuter Timetable & Time Schedule In Malaysia – KTMB – BATU CAVES – PULAU SEBANG

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KTM Komuter Train Fare

There are 3 types of ticket prices for KTM Komuter. Learn more details by clicking the link below:

  1. KTM Komuter Cash fare ticket
  2. KTM Komuter Cashless fare ticket
  3. KTM Komuter Concession fare ticket

KTM Komuter Ticket Vending Machine

KTM Komuter ticketing system is available at 53 stations in the Tanjung Malim-Port Klang and Batu Caves-Sungai Gadut sectors only. The ticketing system entails the use of an automatic gate, ticket vending machine and a ticket issuing machine at the counter.

The token and stored value card are the two types of tickets that are used in the system.

KTM Komuter has introduced the stored value card called Komuter Link for an affordable, fast and convenient journey. The Komuter Link offers a 20% discount off adult cash fare and a 50% discount off the adult cash fare for senior citizens, the disabled and students.

Boarding KTM Komuter Train

When the train arrives, please allow alighting commuters to get off first. When boarding the train, be cautious of the gap between the door and the platform. A bell chime will sound before the doors close. Do not enter when you hear this chime. When making a transfer, use the route diagram to check for the right interchange station.


  • Do not lean against the doors
  • Observe the Do’s and Don’t’s signs
  • Have your ticket with you at all times
  • Listen for your destination station to be announced

Passenger must have a valid ticket before boarding the train. A minimum penalty of RM 10.00 including a journey fare from sector originating station will be imposed to the passenger without valid ticket.