Malacca Town (Bandar Melaka)

Malacca Town starts all the way from the famous Malacca Mosque at Peringgit to Ujong Pasir Portugese Settlement. Over the years, the township has grown larger day by day developing the outskirts of the town. Hypermarkets such as Tesco and Giant never existed few years back and there was no Malacca Central to cater for buses from outstation or locally. Development has brought a new image to Malacca over the years; despite all the developments you will still see some older generation people cycling to town to get their groceries.


Malacca was found by Parameswara in 14th Century. He was a Prince from Srivijaya kingdom and he left the empire after a dispute over power. He headed to Temasek which is Singapore now and killed the ruler there before fleeing to Malacca. He was relaxing under a tree and he saw a remarkable event. A mouse deer was near the river stream drinking water and hounds came to attack the mouse deer. The mouse deer kicked a hound with its hind legs and the hounds ran off. Parameswara was astonished with the event and asked his followers, what was the tree’s name he was leaning on and the followers said “Pokok Melaka” and Malacca’s Name was derived from there. Malacca became an important trading port for centuries and traders from the East and West exchange their goods here.  

Getting around

The compact town center is easily explored on foot. For trips further afield, taxis and rickshaws are available for hire.
Places of interest

These are some of the interesting places to visit while you are in Malacca Town:

  • Jonker’s Street – Famous “Cendol Melaka”, egg tarts and pineapple tarts are around here.
  • St. Peter’s Church – Church was built in 1710 and it is still functioning.
  • St. Paul’s Hill – St. Francis Xavier was buried there before being removed to Goa, India. It is on a hilltop and a nice place to view malacca and the sea.
  • Bukit Cina – Old Chinese grave yards around and used as jogging trek in the morning and evening.
  • Hang Li Po Well – Hang Li Po was sent from China to Malacca in the 14th Centuries and there is a well and handicraft things around.
  • Christ Church Area – There is a church here built by the Dutch and it’s still functioning. There is handicraft stalls around.
  • Malacca on Eye – There is a Ferris Wheel similar to London’s eye located at Banda Hilir near Mahkota Parade
  • Mahkota Parade – Shopping complex with fashion stores, fast-foods, cinema and entertainment store for the family.

How to get there

By road

Malacca is easily accessible from the PLUS North-South motorway. From Kuala Lumpur (128 km) Ayer Keroh is the nearest exit, whilst Muar is the most convenient exit from the motorway if you are travelling south from Johor. Malacca is well connected to the rest of Peninsular Malaysia by express buses, which arrive at and depart from the bus station at Malacca Central.

By rail

Keretapi Tanah Melayu (formerly known as Malayan Railway) operates a number of daily services along the main north-south line which stops at Tampin station.

For More Information

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