Ministry of Defence (Kementerian Pertahanan) Malaysia

Ministry of Defence was established on 31 August 1957 and officially began operations in a building located on Brockman Road (now Jalan Dato ‘Onn), Kuala Lumpur. This building also houses offices of the first Minister of Defence Tun Haji Abdul Razak bin Datuk Hussein who served from 31 August 1957 until 22 September 1970.

Ministry of Defence’s first building was built by the Federal Government at a cost worth RM122,000.00 and was officiated by Tun Haji Abdul Razak bin Datuk Hussein on 18 March 1960. This building built in Jalan Padang Tembak also office the Commander and Chief Officer of the High-Armed Forces from all three services.

Due to the increasing awareness in how leaders of the importance of membership expansion forces, a complex of 6 blocks as high as 4 level has been built in front of the Office of Member Services Division to accommodate the growing number of membership. Buildings valued at RM 2 million has been officiated by Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra on 6 April 1967.

After the withdrawal of British army, the Malaysian Government take drastic measures to increase the level of any national security threat. This task entrusted to the Ministry of Defence other than to enhance efficiency in the management of the armed forces need from time to time.

To accommodate all the agencies under one roof, the government has decided to build a new building for the Ministry of Defence. As symbolically, building the foundation stone was laid by Deputy Minister of Defence, Dato’ Abang Abu Bakar bin Datu Bandar Abang Haji Mustapha on 10 March 1982. The new building located at Jalan Padang Tembak, Kuala Lumpur has been built with the value of RM144 million and was completed in mid 1985. 20 high-level building is known as “WISMA DEFENSE” which also provides office spaces and meeting rooms. Surrounding areas “WISMA DEFENCE”, known as Complex Wisma Defence also provides some facilities such as parking-storeyed building, auditorium, prayer, Defence Field (Parade Square), guard stations, towers, computer room, ‘Helipad’, cafeteria and others.

Ministry of Defence is led by Minister of Defence and assisted by a Deputy Minister. Organization of the Ministry of Defence also contains two main services, namely the Public Service, led by the Secretary General and the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) headed by Chief of Defence Forces.

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Ministry of Defence (Kementerian Pertahanan)

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