Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kementerian Luar Negeri Malaysia) Malaysia

Groundwork for the establishment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia dates back to 1956. In managing, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), as it was initially called, a pioneer batch of 11 career diplomats was sent to Britain and Australia for training. In 1966, the Ministry was renamed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and moved from the Sultan Abdul Samad Building to a new complex known as Wisma Putra at Bukit Petaling, Kuala Lumpur. Since then, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia is also known as WISMA PUTRA. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs began operation from its current Complex at No. 1, Jalan Wisma Putra, Precint 2, Putrajaya on 17 September 2001.

Malaysia’s first diplomatic missions were set up in London, Washington, Canberra, New York, New Delhi, Jakarta and Bangkok. By 1963, Malaysia has established 14 Diplomatic Missions overseas. The number grew steadily to 21 in 1966. Today, Malaysia has a network of 105 diplomatic missions spanning the globe – a proud testament on how far the Ministry has progressed over the years, in tandem with the progress of Malaysia. The establishment of these diplomatic missions are to compliment the function and also as an extension of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia abroad.

The External Affairs Legislations that fall within the purview of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are:

  • Diplomatic and Consular Officers (Oaths and Fees) Act 1959 (Revised 1988) [Act 348];
  • Diplomatic Privileges (Vienna Convention) Act 1966 [Act 636];
  • Consular Relations (Vienna Convention) Act 1999 [Act 595];
  • Foreign Representative (Privileges and Immunities) Act 1967 (Revised 1995) [Act 541];
  • International Organisations (Privileges and Immunities) Act 1992 [Act 485]; and
  • Chemical Weapons Convention Act 2005 [Act 641].

In addition, the Federal Constitution allows Parliament to make laws related to external affairs that include:

  • Treaties, agreements and conventions with other countries;
  • Implementation of treaties, agreements and conventions with other countries;
  • Diplomatic, consular and trade representation;
  • International organisations; participation in international bodies and implementation of decisions taken thereat;
  • Extradition, fugitive offenders; admission into, and emigration and expulsion from, the Federation;
  • Passports, visas, permits of entry or other certificates, quarantine;
  • Foreign and extra-territorial jurisdiction; and
  • Pilgrimage to places outside Malaysia.

Functions of Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs bears the mandate and responsibility to conduct Malaysia’s foreign relations with other countries. This includes matters related to political relations, economic affairs, security matters, and social and cultural promotion. The Ministry is geared towards fulfilling definite objectives:
  • To manage bilateral, regional and multilateral relations with foreign countries and international organisations. These relations embody political, economic and cultural matters;
  • To promote trade and investment with foreign countries;
  • To carry out information activities in order to project the country’s image; and
  • To carry out supporting activities including service, general administration, finance, consular, security and communications.

Departments/Divisions in Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Bilateral Affairs
    • South East Asia (SEA)
    • CLMV & Oceania
    • East Asia (EA)
    • South Central Asia (SCA)
    • Middle East
    • Americas
    • Europe
    • Africa
    • Directorate of Asia, Oceania and North Africa
    • Directorate of Europe, America and Africa
  • Multilateral Affairs
    • Political, Security & Disarmament Directorate
    • Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
    • Multilateral Political Affairs (MPD)
    • Organisation Of The Islamic Conference (OIC) and D8
    • Multilateral Economic Division (MED)
    • Directorate of Multilateral Economic & Regional Cooperation (DMERC)
    • Regional Cooperation, Social and Cultural (RCSCD)
  • Management Services
    • Administration and Security
    • Information and Communication Technology
    • Finance
    • Human Resource Management
    • Inspectorate
    • Parliament and Quality Management
    • Development
    • Internal Audit
    • Corporate Communication Unit
  • Asean – Malaysia National Secretariat
  • Policy and Strategic Planning
  • Protocol and Consular
    • Protocol
    • Consular
  • Information and Public Diplomacy
  • Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR)
  • South East Asia Regional Centre for Counter Terrorism (SEARCCT)
  • National Authority for Chemical Weapons Conventions
  • Research, Treaties and International Law
  • Legal Division

Contact Details of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kementerian Luar Negeri Malaysia)

Address: Wisma Putra, No 1, Jalan Wisma Putra, Precinct 2, 62602 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Telephone: 603-8887 4000 / 4570
Fax: 603-8889 1717 / 2816


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