Ministry of Human Resources (Kementerian Sumber Manusia) Malaysia

Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia aims to be the leading agency in the development and management of a World Class Workforce in Malaysia.

Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) mission:

  • To develop a workforce that is productive, informative, discipline, caring and responsive to the changing labor environment towards increasing the economic growth and hence create more job opportunities.
  • To encourage and maintain conducive and harmonized industrial relation between employers, employees and trade unions for the nation’s economic development and wellness of people.
  • To uphold social justice and ensure harmonious industrial relations through solving industrial dispute between employer and employee and awarding collective agreement.
  • To ensure trade unions practice democracy, orderly and is responsible to assist achieving the objective of industrial harmony.
  • To be the leader in development of nation’s human resources.
  • To ensure safety and health of workforce is assured.
  • To develop skilled, knowledgeable and competitive workforce in a harmonious industrial relations with social justice.

Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) Roles and Responsibilities

  • To update and implement labor policies and laws to create efficient, productive and discipline workforce with positive values and good work ethics.
  • To update and implement occupational safety and health policies and laws to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.
  • To efficiently manage and independently resolve industrial dispute between employer and employee in order to create a conducive work environment.
  • To monitor and facilitate development and movement of trade unions to be orderly for the benefit of the nation.
  • To manage international relations in Labor Management field, technical co-operation in labor related matters and human resources development.
  • To encourage and coordinate tripartisme among employees, employers and Government and to create harmonized relation toward Vision 2020.
  • To plan and develop human resource through control and labor market analysis to formulate policies relating to employment, development of skilled workforce and productivity linked wage system.
  • To create job opportunities and job placement.
  • To update and implement National Vocational Training Policy and strategies that will fulfil the training needs in the private sector.
  • To revise, update and develop the syllabus of skills training (NOSS), Skills Certification System (MOSQ) and skills standard for implementation.
  • To update and effective implementation of social safety facility to ensure sufficient safety net for workers.

Contact Details of Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia

Ministry of Human Resources (Kementerian Sumber Manusia)

Address: Aras 6 – 9, Blok D3, Parcel D, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Telephone: 603-8886 5000
Fax: 603-8889 2381


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