Mulu Caves (Gua Mulu) in Sarawak, Malaysia

One of the biggest caves in the world is Mulu Caves and it is in Sarawak. It took about 60 million of years and harsh condition of weathers for the formation of Mulu Caves. Once Mulu Caves was inside the sea and the relentless process of weathering by the elements of rain, sun and time now began to shape the landscape we see today. Limestone pinnacles and bleached white is the identity of Mulu Cave with big chambers for the passage of wind.

Caves to visit at Mulu Caves

  1. Cave of the Winds – Millions years ago, calcite crystals were deposited, building the majestic columns and stalagmites in the King’s Chamber.
  2. Clearwater Cave – the River beneath the feet has traveled along its subterranean route for 108 km. outside the cave, you may swim in the crystal clear waters where the river emerges from the cliff face.
  3. Deer Cave – Is the Grandeur of the world’s largest cave passage. Relax at the ancient riverbed and imagine the forces of water that have carved the scalloped walls.
  4. Langs Cave – This cave is different than the others in terms of size as it is small and intimate with long shawls, layers of rim stone pools on the floor. Wonderful and ancient stalagmites and stalactites can be viewed here.
  5. Turtle Cave – This cave is suitable for novice to have an experience and adventure in caving.
  6. Racer Cave – This cave caters more to an intermediate thrill seeker as it involves climbing up and down passageways using ropes. Insects and Racer snakes can be found in this cave.
  7. Clearwater Connection – This is definitely not advisable for a week heart as it really requires a high stamina and experienced in caving. It is a wild journey over boulders, through squeezes and concludes in the underground river.
  8. Sarawak Chamber – This is the ultimate experience one will dream of having if their avid thrill seeker. Even for the fit and experienced cavers, this chamber brings a great challenge. It takes 10 – 15 hours and facing inky blackness of Earth’s largest chamber. 

Gua Mulu Caves, Deer Cave in Sarawak

Other sight seeing around Mulu Caves

These are the sight seeing places that you can expect to see around Mulu Caves:

  • Long Lansat River Walk – Crystal clear waters cascade down a narrow valley, the soft sounds of birds, insects and the stream relaxes your mind.
  • The summit – It is a guided tour reaching up to 24 km of steep climbing over 4 days and 3 nights to an altitude of 2,377 meters making it Mulu’s most challenging trek. Be prepared to sleep in simple forest huts and cook own camp food.
  • Paku Waterfall – If you are looking for a simpler adventure then you would prefer a half day rainforest walk and chance to be alone and relax.
  • Mulu Canopy Skywalk – It is 480m long and the world’s longest tree based canopy walk. It sways over the tranquil river 20 metres below.

If caving is not in your list, you may still enjoy the other activities offered at Mulu such as below:

  • River Trips
  • Forest Trekking
  • Canopy Skywalk
  • Night Walks
  • Bird Watching
  • Medicine Plant Trail
  • Mountain Climbing

Getting There

It’s a 10 hour river trip from Miri to Mulu. Depart from Kuala Baram and travel up to Baram River to Marudi where a second boat takes you to Long Terawan. At Long Terawan you must hire a longboat to bring you to the Park.

Mulu Travel Tips

*Reservations are essential
*All guided activities are with Gunung Mulu National Park Guides

Park Entry – pay when you arrive in Mulu.

Office hours – 8am to 5pm daily, Security staffs are on duty most of the time.

Money – Malaysian ringgit is mandatory and the park has no ATM or credit card facilities.

Health – Small medical clinic is located near the park but it is advisable to carry own personal first aid kit and medications.

Contact Details

Gunung Mulu National Park
Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel: +60(85)792300