MyTeksi – Simple Taxi Booking System Using Smartphones, Tablets, Computer or Phone (Call/SMS)

MyTeksiMyTeksi is an app that allows commuters to book a taxi using their smartphones (iPhone and Android), tablets (iPad and Android tabs), desktop (via or by SMS. This application will soon be available on Windows Phone too. This app is the result of the COOP MYTEKSI partnership which has Malaysia’s largest virtual taxi network with over 8,000 taxi drivers.

MyTeksi app uses GPS location services from your smart phone/mobile device and will use the information to locate any taxis nearby. Alternatively, you can also enter your specific location. By saving these locations as favorites/bookmark, you can easily make future taxi bookings easily.

Once you have entered your desired destination, the app will notify available taxis nearby and when a taxi driver accepts a job, the system will send you a confirmation notice. Together with the confirmation notice, you will receive an estimated fare, taxi’s plate number, driver’s name and phone number and a photo of the driver as this is a driver who have been registered with MyTeksi.

Download and Install MyTeksi on Your iPhone/iPad (For commuters)

You can download and install the app from App Store from this link:

Download and Install MyTeksi on Your Android Smartphone/Device (For commuters)

You can download and install the app from Google Play from this link:

MyTeksi for Taxi Fleet Operator or Taxi Driver App (For taxi operators and taxi drivers)

If you are a taxi fleet operator, you can have real-time map of your taxi fleet. Imagine looking at a map on your screen and knowing exactly where all your taxis are and their movement. To get this, you will need to contact My Teksi using the contact details below.

If you are a taxi driver and always having to struggle and compete to get passengers, MyTeksi application can actually make your life easier. When commuters who are around the area you are in currently search for taxi, you will be notified about the job in your smartphone. You can accept or decline the job. Now you don’t have to actively look for passengers, instead the passengers reach you through your smartphone using MyTeksi application. According to MyTeksi website, there are no monthly rental/payments or committments. To get this, you will need to contact My Teksi using the contact details below.

MyTeksi Contact Details

MyTeksi Sdn. Bhd.
1A Jalan Kemajuan,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Phone: 1700-81-9696


Facebook page: