OSK-UOB Dana Islam, CIMB Islamic Bank – Islamic Unit Trust Investment Program/Account

Invest your money in OSK-UOB Dana Islam, CIMB Islamic Bank Islamic Unit Trust investment program.

This Fund aims to provide investors with above average capital growth over a medium to long term period by investing in a carefully selected portfolio of stocks which complies with the Shariah Principles.

This fund is suitable if you:

Are looking for investments in a diversified portfolio of assets that comply with Shariah requirements.

Are willing to accept moderate to high risk in their investments and prefer capital growth rather than income over a medium to long term period.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Fund Details

Fund Type : Growth

Investment Manager : OSK-UOB Unit Trust Management Berhad

Trustee : HSBC (Malaysia) Trustee Berhad

Benchmark : FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS Shariah Index

Launch Date : 26 October 2001

Initial Offer Price (NAV per unit): RM0.50

Approved Fund Size (RM) : 100 million units

Investment Time Horizon : 3-7 years

Minimum Initial Investment : RM100

Minimum Additional Investment : Any amount

Distribution Policy : Consistent with the Fund’s objective to achieve capital growth, distributions will therefore be of secondary importance. Distributions, if any, after deduction of taxation and expenses, are generally declared annually and will be reinvested.

Cooling-off Period : Unit Holders have the right within six (6) Business Days commencing from the date of receipt of the application by the Manager, to obtain a refund of the investment, subject to eligibility.

EPF Approved : No


Initial Service Charge : Up to 6.38% of investment amount

Annual Management Fee : 1.5% of NAV

Annual Trustee Fee : 0.07% of NAV

Repurchase / Redemption Fee : Nil

Switching Fee : RM25 per switch

How to Apply?

Call us at 1300 880 900 or +603 22956100

Email us at callcentre@cimb.com

Source: http://cb.cimbislamic.com/index.php?ch=ci_per_wm&pg=ci_per_wm_inv_ut&ac=126&tpt=cimb_islamic&tpt=cimb_islamic

*This page contains information sourced on 30 Dec 2010. Please check with the bank for the latest updates.

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