People Museum (Muzium Rakyat) in Melaka

The Peoples Museum building was occupied by the Melaka Historical City Municipal Council before being taken over by the Museum Corporation (PERZIM). The Peoples Museum is located on the 1st floor and was officially declared open by the Prime Minister of Malaysia on April 15, 1992.

The Peoples Museum main exhibits are on the various aspects of Melaka – the administrative structure, the social infrastructure, tourism, the manufacturing and industrial sector, the agricultural sector etc – and how they evolved and developed through time. Yet the main subject of these exhibits is the people involved in these activities. The Museum tried to capture the essence of Melaka through it’s people. An exhibition to mark the rapid growth of Melaka from 1982 to 1992 known as “Melaka – A Decade of Growth 1982 -1992” has been incorporated into the People’s Museum.


To showcase Melaka’s achievements in the development sector. The exhibition also highlights the integration between the State Government and the people, working in tandem, towards a developed Melaka come 2010.

The Peoples Museum Entrance Fees
Adult: RM2.00
Children/Student: RM0.50

The Peoples Museum Operation Hour
9.00AM – 5.30PM (Open Daily)

Location of The Peoples Museum

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