RapidKL Bus B112 Route: From MALURI To KL SENTRAL

rapidKL Bus B112 falls under Area 1 – Kuala Lumpur City Center. The following are the route and stops for rapidKL Bus B112.


  1. Maluri
  2. Jalan Cheras
  3. Kompleks Maksak (Bus Interchange)
  4. Putri Islam (Bus Interchange)
  5. Flat Sri Sabah (Bus Interchange)
  6. Stadium Badminton Cheras (Bus Interchange)
  7. Maluri (Bus Interchange, LRT Interchange)
  8. Jusco (Bus Interchange)
  9. Jalan Jejaka
  10. Jusco (Bus Interchange)
  11. Jalan Mahkota
  12. Perodua (Bus Interchange)
  13. Jayagas (Bus Interchange)
  14. Jalan Cochrane
  15. Kuarters Telekom (Bus Interchange)
  16. Rumah No. 161 (Bus Interchange)
  17. Rumah No. 103 (Bus Interchange)
  18. SMK Cochrane Perkasa (Bus Interchange)
  19. Jalan Pasar
  20. Wisma Indah (Bus Interchange)
  21. Pasar Pudu (Bus Interchange)
  22. Jalan Sungai Besi
  23. Wisma Pudu Emas
  24. Restoran Kwan Haw
  25. Jalan. Lock Yew
  26. Jejantas
  27. Jalan Hang Tuah
  28. Masjid Al-Bukhari
  29. Stesen Monorel Hang Tuah (LRT Interchange)
  30. Jalan Pudu
  31. Hotel Swiss Garden (Bus Interchange)
  32. Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock
  33. Kota Raya (Bus Interchange, LRT Interchange)
  34. Daya Bumi (Bus Interchange, LRT Interchange)
  35. Jalan Travers
  36. Caltex (Bus Interchange)
  37. Sri Kota (Bus Interchange)
  38. KL Sentral


  1. KL Sentral
  2. Jalan Tun Sambanthan
  3. Daya Bumi (Bus Interchange)
  4. Pasar Seni (Bus Interchange, LRT Interchange)
  5. Kota Raya (Bus Interchange, LRT Interchange)
  6. Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock
  7. Hospital Tung Shin (Bus Interchange)
  8. Alliance Bank (Bus Interchange)
  9. Jalan Pudu
  10. Penjara Pudu
  11. Stesen Monorel Hang Tuah (Bus Interchange, LRT Interchange)
  12. Jalan Hang Tuah
  13. Flat Loke Yew
  14. Jejantas
  15. Kedai Cuci Kereta
  16. Jalan Loke Yew
  17. Pudu (LRT Interchange)
  18. Jalan Sg Besi
  19. Pasar Pudu (Bus Interchange)
  20. Jalan Pudu
  21. SMK Cochrane Perkasa (Bus Interchange)
  22. Rumah No. 115 (Bus Interchange)
  23. Kedai Kereta Terpakai (Bus Interchange)
  24. Jalan Cochrane
  25. Klinik Maluri (Bus Interchange)
  26. Institut YPG (Bus Interchange)
  27. Jalan Mahkota
  28. Jusco (Bus Interchange)
  29. Jalan Jejaka
  30. Maluri (Bus Interchange, LRT Interchange)
  31. Jalan Cheras
  32. Maluri
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Source: http://www.rapidkl.com.my/network/bus/busroutes?view=routedetails&routenum=B112

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