Sekolah Sri Pinang in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Sekolah Sri Pinang (formerly Sekolah Sri Inai Pulau Pinang) was the first private school in Penang in 1981. The school still remains the largest and premier private school in Penang. Many students from Sri Pinang have gone on to be leaders of industries and government.

Sekolah Sri Pinang recognises that school life is more than academic. To this end, a full range of activities beyond the class room ensures that every pupil finds his place, develops her identity and thrives in the rich and multi-faceted community life that makes up Sekolah Sri Pinang. Clubs and society abound, from performing arts, to sports to the uniformed societies.


Sekolah Sri Pinang provides and integrated Program from Pre-School to Sixth Form.

Tadika Sri Pinang Gemilang is an excellent foundation for young learners (3 to 6 year old) with its innovative approach to early learning.

Sekolah Sri Pinang Junior (Standards 1 to 6) teaches the Malaysisn KBSR Primary Curriculum. In addition to the five core subjects taken for the UPSR (Standard 6 Government examination), pupils may opt to take Chinese as an additional subject.

Sekolah Sri Pinang Senior (Form 1 to Form 5) offers the Malaysian KBSM Secondary Curriculum. The school also received Ministry approval to offer the Form 6 (STPM) course and its first intake was in 2007.


The school has invested, and will continue to invest heavily into facilities, resources, staff and development towards becoming a cutting-edge education provider.


  • Wifi internet access around the school compound.
  • Music and drama studio.
  • Information and resource centre / library.
  • Computing facilities.
  • Sports facilities.

Contact Details

Sekolah Sri Pinang Senior

21, Lorong Burma,
10250 Pulau Pinang.

Tel: +6(04)229 1227
Fax: +6(04)227 7571


Sekolah Sri Pinang Junior
Sri Pinang Gemilang Kindergarten

358 Macalister Road, 10450, Penang

Tel: +6(04)226 1344