St. Pedro’s Feast in Melaka/Malacca

Malacca has vast number of places to visit and it is rich with historical places. Occasionally, there are certain celebrations celebrated yearly on a specific date such as St. Pedro’s Feast. Portuguese Settlement in Malacca hosts St. Pedro’s feast every year from 23rd June – 29th June which commemorate the feast of the fishermen.

Portuguese Settlement is situated along the Ujong Pasir and its sea front is actually the famous and historic Straits of Malacca which was a magnificent destination port once upon a time. There is Secondary Girls Convent by the name Canossa Convent at Portuguese Settlement for the community children. 

St.Pedro’s Feast is actually the Feast Day of St.Peter and it is officially on 29th June. This event is usually celebrated at the Portuguese Settlement sea front. Local and Foreign tourists usually flocks Portuguese Settlement to catch a glimpse of the event.
The best time to Visit Portuguese Settlement for St.Pedro’s Feast will be on 29th June because it is the closing of the event and there will be more activities. Bazaars with varieties of items for sale will be set up for the whole week. Items such as Cowboy shoes, China Porcelain, Thirst Quenchers, Accessories and Foods can be found during St.Pedro’s Feast.

Live bands will be performing on stage at night for the local folks from various groups from 5 to 70 years old to perform their Portuguese folkdance. Cultural performances by performers clad in their traditional Portuguese costume can also be viewed on 29th June.

On 29th June, mass will be celebrated in the church at Portuguese Settlement and there will be a procession after mass and blessings of boats by priest. The boats are usually decorated with flags and twinkle lights for competition held by the community.