Standard Chartered CashOne – Personal Financing/Loan

CashOne is Malaysia’s first personal loan that works together with a Platinum Credit Card. Finally, a personal loan that offers you financial flexibility, whenever you need it. Every time you make your monthly loan repayment, the paid principal amount will automatically be converted into a credit card limit for you to spend.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy up to RM350* CashBack every year just for making timely loan repayments.

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Share your loan amount with your credit card limit

With CashOne, your monthly loan repayment will automatically be converted into credit card limit. You also have the freedom to top-up your loan anytime by converting your available credit card limit back to your loan.

How does it work?

Let’s say Mr. Chan takes up a personal loan of RM25,000 with CashOne and 6 months later, he has paid RM15,000 worth of loan repayments. The paid amount will automatically be converted into credit card limit, this means that Mr. Chan now has a credit limit of RM15,000 on his Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card and RM10,000 outstanding loan amount.

In the following week, Mr. Chan decides to top-up his loan by RM10,000 to pay for his home renovation. His Credit Card limit will then be automatically set to RM5,000, leaving Mr. Chan with a new loan balance of RM20,000.

CashBack for timely loan repayments

Be rewarded with up to RM350* CashBack annually throughout your loan tenor just by making timely loan repayments.

*CashBack is payable on a yearly basis and the amount awarded is based on the loan amount.

Low interest rates

Enjoy attractive and affordable interest rates from as low as 0.63% p.m. depending on your loan amount and tenor. With a monthly loan repayment amount starting from RM304.20 per month#.

#Based on loan amount of RM10,000 for a 5-year tenor.

Annual Fee waiver on your Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card

Get 5 years annual fee waiver on your Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card. Now you can enjoy an abundance of shopping and dining rewards plus exclusive Platinum privileges.

Top-up your loan without the hassle of re-applying

Now you can get extra cash deposited into your account without the hassle of re-applying when you need it. All it takes is just a phone call. You’ll also get your cash within 48 hours.

Terms and conditions apply

For more information about Standard Chartered’s loan products:

  1. Call us direct at 1300 880 388
  2. Provide your details and we will get in touch with you
  3. Locate a branch near you


*This page contains information sourced on 26 Oct 2010. Please check with the bank for the latest updates.