Sweet Delight Cafe – Tong Sui, Desserts and Snacks in Subang Jaya

Sweet Delight Cafe buildingSweet Delight Cafe is a cafe in Subang Jaya specialising in Tong Sui, desserts and snacks. They do have a few meals in their menu too. Sweet Delight Cafe promotes good food using quality ingredients and they avoid using MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), food coloring, food preservatives, excessive oil and salt in food without losing it’s delightful great taste.

Sweet Delight Cafe follows an environment friendly concept. They encourage their customers to B.Y.O.C (Bring Your Own Container) and customers who take away with their own containers will not have to pay take-away surcharge and receive a price reduction of RM0.20 per take-away item.

For take-aways, Sweet Delight Cafe does not use polystyrene foam products that were made using chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) due to the damaging effect to earth’s ozone layer and the environment. They use polypropylene plastic containers instead for take-away items because it’s CFC free and reusable.

Food and Beverages served at Sweet Delight

Traditional Tong Sui
Sweet Delight Cafe Loh Han Kor and Green Bean Dessert SoupPure Peanut Puree
Fu Chok Barley & Gingko Dessert Soup with Egg
Loh Han Kor (Buddha’s Fruit) Dessert Soup
Red Bean Dessert Soup
Green Bean Dessert Soup
Muk Chok Wheat Porridge
Glutinous Rice Balls in Ginger Soup 

Desserts and Snacks
Chocolate Fondue
Sweet Delight Waffle
Sweet Delight Sundae
Sweet Delight Muffin
Coated Glutinuous Rice Balls
Ang Ku Kueh
Sweet Delight Cafe counterSago with Gula Melaka
Guai Ling Gou Chinese Herbal Jelly 

Banana Leaf Rice with Fried Chicken
Sizzling Hot Plate Mushroom Chicken Noodles
Vegetarian Char Siew Rice
Vegetarian Curry Mutton Rice
Yellow Curry Chicken Rice
Spinach Congee
Chicken Congee
Vegetable of the Day
Fried Egg 

Inside Sweet Delight CafeLiong Sui and Drinks
Italian Soda
Ribena Lemon
Buk Zhi Chou Chinese Herbal Drink
Aromatic Almond Drink
Sea Coconut, Longan & Lemon
Ice Lemon Tea
Soft Drinks

Contact Details

Sweet Deli’ght Cafe Sdn Bhd
89, SS15/4B, Subang Jaya,
47600 Petaling Jaya,

Tel: +6(03)5633 1515, +6(03)5621 6515