Travel 3Sixty (April 2013 Edition) – FREE Download AirAsia’s Inflight Magazine

Travel 3Sixty is the popular AirAsia’s in-flight magazine. When you fly with AirAsia, you can find this magazine in front of you in the seat pocket. Since you are not allowed to remove the magazine from your flight, you can download PDF version of Travel 3Sixty (April 2013 Edition) magazine and read anywhere at your own pace. You can also read the magazine online.

For tourists and travelers, this magazine provides various information and tips on many travel destinations. These are some of the interesting titles on the magazine cover and contents inside for Travel 3Sixty (April 2013 Edition):

  • Burgeoning Art Scene
  • Kolkata Kaleidoscope
  • Spa Round-up
  • Real vs. Reel Pilots
  • The New Seoul
  • A Balinese Wedding
  • Checkin’ Out Chengdu
  • Mastering Management
  • Call of the Kenyalang
  • Ride That Rush
  • Sandakan, Malaysia

Travel 3Sixty (April 2013 Edition) magazine cover:

Travel 3Sixty (April 2013 Edition)

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Travel 3Sixty (April 2013 Edition)