About Us

Malaysia Central is a central website providing information all about Malaysia, hence the name! Malaysia Central is meant to cover nearly everything in Malaysia. Some of the topics includes: government services, transportation, education, business, tourist destinations, hospitals, hotels, food, entertainment and many more! To simplify information access and enhance user experience, Malaysia Central is divided into the following sites:

  • Malaysia Central: Information Directory – Contains all general information, government services, transportation, hospitals, holiday destination, historical places and many more.
  • Malaysia Central: Education Directory – Contains all education information, including schools, colleges, universities and many more.
  • Malaysia Central: Business Directory – Contains Malaysian business and companies profile pages with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) business information. You can add your business here for free too.
  • (Launching soon) Malaysia Central: Hotel and Accommodation Directory – Will contain information on accommodations such as hotels, resorts, chalets, backpackers in, home stay and many more.
  • (Launching soon) Malaysia Central: Food and Dining Directory – Will contain information on places to eat throughout Malaysia.
  • (Launching soon) Malaysia Central: Financial Directory – Will contain finance related articles from banks and financial institution including investment, savings, credit, loan and many more.

Malaysia Central visitors include people from Malaysia and also from other countries. Malaysians will benefit from the local information such as government services, schools, transportation and many more. And tourists to Malaysia will benefit from information about tourist destination, hotels, entertainment and many more.

Malaysia Central was started on 13 Feb 2004 as a simple information directory for information about Malaysia. From a simple project, this website has grown to it’s current size and popularity. The growth of visitors were high enough to clog the web server causing the web hosting provider to block this website temporarily. We learned that the number of visitors will keep growing and we had to improve and optimize this website for the best experience for visitors like you. We had done a lot of improvements in the background to serve the website pages faster. If you had noticed, we have also simplified the design and layout to have an uncluttered look.

Information on Malaysia Central is gathered from various sources such as actual visits to location, websites, books, pamphlets, brochures, newspapers, magazines, etc. Since this is an ongoing process to add more information about Malaysia, this requires tremendous amount of effort.

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