CIMB Bank Supplementary Credit Card – Credit Card

Get your CIMB Bank Supplementary Credit Card and enjoy the following benefits.

FREE FOR LIFE card membership only applies to the first 3 approved Supplementary applicants. For subsequent applicants, 1 year annual fee will be waived.


Minimum age: 18 Years old
Citizenship: Malaysian
Documents required (non-returnable): Supplementary applicant’s photocopy of enlarged I/C (both sides)

Note: Additional credit cards will share a combined credit line.

Fees and Charges

Annual Fee

– Platinum Free For Life
– Gold RM140
– Classic RM70

– Platinum Free For Life
– Gold RM70
– Classic RM35

How to Apply?

Call us at:
03 – 6204 7799 (Platinum)
03 – 6204 7788 (Gold & Classic)

Email us at


*This page contains information sourced on 9 Dec 2010. Please check with the bank for the latest updates.

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