Hospital Pontian – Government Hospital in Pontian, Johor

Hospital Pontian is a hospital without specialist which has 120 beds, located at Km 2, Jalan Alsagoff in Pontian Kecil area in the district of Pontian.

Originally, it was Cucob Government Hospital established on June 5, 1917 with 20 beds. The building was made of wood, cemented floors and palm roofs. There were no electricity and officials use only kerosene lamps at night.

In 1918, the hospital had a total of 949 patients. Facilities available were a general ward (temporary), kitchen, members house, apothecary house and dispensary. At the end of 1918, a new dispensary, dysentery ward, mortuary and dresser house was established.

Hospital Pontian’s objective is to provide determination of disease (diagnosis), appropriate treatment and rehabilitation for internal and external customers, especially the patients and their families to save lives, reduce suffering and eliminate the pain in order to achieve initial and maximum recovery to fulfill the purposes and principles of the Ministry of Health.

Hospital Pontian Rooms

Gynecology – 6
Pediatrics – 32
Obstetrics – 24
Multi-Disciplinary – 58
Total rooms – 120

Hospital Pontian Contact Details

Hospital Pontian
Jalan Alsagoff,
82000 Pontian,
Johor Darul Takzim,

Tel: +6(07)687 3333
Faks: +6(07)687 6211



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