Hospital Segamat – Government Hospital in Segamat, Johor

Hospital Segamat, located 6 miles from Segamat town center is a nucleus concept hospital replacing the old hospital which was 76 years old. The Nucleus Concept was conceived by the United Kingdom Department of Health and modified to suit the situation in Malaysia. Hospital Segamat was started to built in 1992 under Sixth Malaysia Plan and started it’s operation on 27 March 1995 providing basic expertise services. Hospital Segamat has a site area of 60 acres with a construction cost of RM 91.4 million.

Despite having a capacity of 314 beds, but only 221 are used only for the time being. Hospital Segamat services covers Segamat District, Gemas and southern part of Pahang.

The first Segamat district hospital was located near Segamat town railway station, which is in the main road to Muar. The hospital area was 15 acres and was built in 1920. The first ward established during that time was the TB ward and then in 1922 a ward was built to accommodate injury cases. Subsequently followed by the construction of Gynaecology/Maternity Ward and Children Ward in 1927 and 1929.

More wards and buildings housing the support services and also a polyclinic was built until the year 1967. In the 1970s, Hospital Segamat has been gazetted as a hospital with the services of Surgeons and Physicians with 224 beds. In the 1980s, Obstetrics and Gynaecology services were established in this hospital.

In 1993, a new hospital was planned to start construction under the Sixth Malaysia Plan.

Location Map of Hospital Segamat

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Hospital Segamat Contact Details

Hospital Segamat
KM 6, Jalan Genuang,
85000 Segamat,
Johor Darul Takzim,

Tel: +6(07)943 3333/4528/4531/4540/4544
Faks: +6(07)943 4641/2462



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