How to Apply Citizenship Under Special Circumstances?

Learn how to apply citizenship under special circumstances. Application to register as a Malaysian citizen by persons below age 21 under special circumstances.

Application Conditions

  • The applicant and the person to be registered shall appear before the Registrar of Citizenship when submitting the application.
  • The person to be registered must be below age 21 on the date of application.
  • State reason for applying for citizenship under special circumstances in section F and paragraph A of the application form. Include an attachment if the space provided is insufficient.
  • Form B must be completed and submitted together with copies of the necessary documents.
  • The application must be submitted by a parent or a guardian who is a relative.

Application Procedure

The applicant and the person to be registered are required to go to the counter at the Citizenship Division of the Putrajaya NRD headquarters or state NRD headquarters/branch, bringing along originals and copies of required documents.

Required Documents (Originals And Copies)

  • How to Apply Citizenship Under Special Circumstances?REGISTRANT’S DOCUMENTS (ORIGINALS AND COPIES)
    • Identity card (if any)
    • Birth Certificate, latest extract of Birth Certificate or Adoption Certificate (translation into Malay or English by the court/consular office/public translator is required if the child was born in a foreign country)
    • Entry permit or passport or other travel document (if any)
    • Documentary evidence of schooling (if applicable)
    • Three (3) recent passport-sized photographs with a blue background
    • Identity card
    • Identity card (if any)
    • Citizenship Certificate (if any)
    • Marriage document (if any)
    • Court order for custody (if any)

Note: All copies of supporting documents should be made on A4 paper.

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1. RM10.00 for application fee
2. RM100.00 to issue Citizenship Certificate (if approved)


All applications for citizenship matters require the use of original forms. Forms may be obtained from the Putrajaya NRD headquarters or state NRD headquarters/branches. Application forms for registration of birth in a foreign country and renunciation of citizenship may be obtained from consulates abroad.

Where to Apply Citizenship Under Special Circumstances??

Check the link below for NRD (JPN) branch details and contact details.

National Registration Department Branches

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