Melaka Islamic Museum (Muzium Islam Melaka)

The setting up of the Melaka Islamic Museum is for the purpose of being a centre of data collecting, researching and exhibiting materials of Islamic qualities. The Museum also traces evidences and conducts researches on the origin of Islam in Melaka.

The Melaka Islamic Museum is located at a building in Jalan Kota which used to house the office of the Melaka Islamic Council (Majlis Agama Islam Melaka – MAIM). The interior of the museum was inspired from the glory of Islam during the Melaka Sultanate period and the design was infused with the Asian region Islamic motives.

There are eight major exhibition spaces each in accordance with its theme. The overall exhibitions is executed chronologically in order to incite visitors with the sense of time and the coming of Islam to Melaka and its spread to the rest of Malaysia.


-To illustrate the glory of Islam as Ad-Din (the true and righteous spiritual path to salvation) and the civilizations it has manifested from.

-To encourage knowledge development parallel to Islamic teaching and be a resource centre for researchers and scholars alike in studying the history of Melaka and Islam.

-To articulate the role of Melaka in the region?s Islamic history. To show Melaka’s ancient links with other centers of Islamic civilization in places such as India, China, Arabia and other parts of South East Asia.

Melaka Islamic Museum Entrance Fees
Adult: RM1.00
Children/Student: RM0.50

Melaka Islamic Museum Operation Hour
9.00 AM – 5.30 PM (Open Daily)

Location of Melaka Islamic Museum

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