How to Register Death in Sarawak?

Learn how to register death in Sarawak. Normal registration of death refers to registration of a death in Sarawak that is made within 24 hours of death.

Application Condition

Application for registration of death may be made by the following persons:

  • Next of kin of the deceased;
  • Person with knowledge of the death

Application Procedure

How to Register Death in Sarawak?REQUIRED DOCUMENTS

  • Form III and Form XI must be completed;
  • Certification from the deceased’s community leader or village chief;
  • Police report for death occurring at home (original and copy);
  • Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death (Form VIII);
  • After Post-Mortem (Form IX);
  • Identity card or entry permit or passport of the informant (original and copy);
  • Identity card or other identification document of the deceased. If these are unavailable/lost then a police report must be included.


Free of charge

Where to Register Death in Sarawak?

Check the link below for NRD (JPN) branch details and contact details.

National Registration Department Branches

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